Asians & Hermes

  1. Au Skulthai.
    19764661_327295454383661_1797258661630836736_n.jpg 19932985_106805396634065_4074349785375571968_n.jpg 19932923_1935331193410160_4953710314500653056_n.jpg
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  2. Heart Evangelista.
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  3. She looks great but that bush makes it look like she has a big green hair style.
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  4. Araya Alberta Hargate IMG_1499681066.079803.jpg
  5. Sharon Au IMG_1499752496.800751.jpg
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  6. Elva Hsiao IMG_1499759240.143154.jpg
  7. I'm thinking that the big green Afro was deliberate. Well, that or her photog didn't see pass her face.
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  8. Dsaks. I'm really tempted to get a pair of Chanel ballet flats now. :amuse:
    19985942_137040833546849_1502963460944691200_n.jpg 19931957_1188115337961474_1032694130062393344_n.jpg
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  9. Jinkee Pacquiao.
  10. Heart Evangelista.
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  12. Reminds me a bit of Jean Paul Gaultier's gaucho inspired Spring/Summer 2011 collection for Hermes.
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  13. Siritornmam.
    1558525127398554012_23748574.jpg 1558655603455100442_23748574.jpg
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  14. Au Skulthai.
    1557342195836985581_12899958.jpg 1557842001365726740_12899958.jpg 1558691331509316440_12899958.jpg 1558604063066906597_12899958.jpg
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