Are you a returner?

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  1. very guilty, but yes i used to be a returner. i used to work down the street from nordstrom rack, and i would go there once a week during lunch and sometimes i would make really bad bag decisions (pressed for time) so i would buy something, take it home realize i had nothing that matched, take it back the next week, and lo and behold something new would catch my eye.... actually i think i'm more of a compulisive shopper than a returner...
  2. if it does not work for me, i will return in rather than "wasting" the money and I don't worry about facing sa's. If it wasn't practical in the real world, you return it.
  3. I can update my previous post now... I bought a Coach Sig Tote and a LV Neverfull yesterday. I woke up this morning and decided they must go back. oh well.

    I'll keep the Coach Patchwork wallet though since I am using it.
  4. I have been a returner in the past. I think it's really hard to know if you like a bag until you get home and fill it and actually use it. I haven't returned any of my LV's - - those are expensive so I have taken a longer time making the decision to buy them...I ask about with them in the boutique and compare pics etc. For cheaper bags I have brought home and realized I don't like them...they go back. I wouldn't return anything that was really used by me - I make sure I take care of them until I decide whether I want them or not.
  5. I dont ever return high end merchandise that I bought in a store (online is different!). The reason is that I usually think about the purchase for so long and if I buy it, it is actually something that I've wanted for a very long time and I've made sure I have enough money for. I'm not really an impulse buyer, it takes me forever to make up my mind! But once I take the plunge, the item is mine for good! :yahoo:

    However, cheaper clothes/shoes bought at places where no one really spent time to help me is another story. I change my mind on those purchases often!
  6. I don't think I am a serial returner - but I do return things.

    Most of the time I buy things that I really like - and I do research on it, look for the best deals etc - can't really go wrong there.

    But at times when I return, it could be several reasons, I needed the money for something else, or it really didn't suit me or that I found something else...

    I think we just like the fact that there is the return policy so that we can actually change our minds if we do.

    Unlike my mother tho - my dad says that one day they will abolish the return policy because of my mom LOL!
  7. It takes me ages to pick out a bag and I don't purchase it unless I'm absolutely sure I'll like it.

    So no
  8. Never.
  9. I have absolutely returned bags but the times I have done it are when purchasing a great deal impulsively online and it doesn't look the same IRL
  10. Yes.
  11. I'm not a returner, but my bff is..almost every single time we go out to shop it will be to a place where she has to return a first started with shoes, clothes and Coach handbags..the Coach people knew her at the 2 locations we live by..I never understood why she kept changing her mind only after a was so got worse with Fendi and LV and even to this day she still does this. I noticed she doesn't even really like the bag and then exchanges it for another she hardly likes and the chain goes on endlessly.. with me I only buy bags I truly love and research it online and purchase it because I'm sure I like it.. it got to a point where she would buy the same bags I would- "just because" drives me nuts..
  12. I have only returned one bag a Kate Spade I bought.
    It was damaged so I had to ship it back.
  13. I return things ordered online all of the time with no guilt. I order the bag, open it and sometimes, I don't even need to try it on. I just know that it's not going to work and I repackage it to be sent back. For a while, I think my toddler thought that when you open packages, you're supposed to shake your head and say, "Oh, NOOOO...this is not going to work.":shame::lol: It's usually a case of the website not giving a completely accurate description of the item. And I list all of that on the slip that requests the reason for the return.:smartass:I probably need to get a babysitter and actually step into a few more stores and look at bags instead of relying on the online descriptions.
  14. No, only once in my life have I returned anything (a pair of jeans) to a store.
  15. Well I returned a total of 3 bags .... two LVs and one Fendi. At first I got my mom a neo speedy for her birthday but she didn't quite like the speedy so I exchanged it for a Manhattan PM. The SA packed the manhattan PM in a ripped dustbag. I'm not usually the one to complain so I took it home and presented the new bag to my mom. Then she tells me she would rather have an Chanel. So I returned the Manhattan PM again. Then the SA accused me of swapping the dustbags!!! I was pretty outraged. So I purposely went back and purchased another Manhattan PM from another SA and kept it. I also purchased a Fendi from a SA in Bloomingdales. I actually really liked the bag but I decided I wanted the LV multicolore speedy. So I went back and returned it. I was actually hoping it wouldn't be the same SA but she was the only one working there. I mean feeling bad is only normal. But would you want to be stuck with a bag that you don't even really like over feeling bad she lost a couple of bucks?