Are you a returner?

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  1. ITA and my bags are not $1000+. Don't stone me but especially when I buy online, the brown truck arrives, I open the package, tape the package back up and drive over to the UPS store to send it back - a complete circle taking about 15 minutes!! I don't usually buy at boutiques so it's not so personal when I shop at Bloomies or NM and if I buy the bag, take it home, live with it a day or two and don't love it, I return it! Usually, in that case, my strongest emotion is RELIEF... I don't usually worry about the SA's because I know I will be back and buying again..BELIEVE ME: what stays is far more things than what gets returned!!!:okay::supacool:
  2. I purchased a premium designer bag with a scratch on the leather towards the bottom but because i was LAZY, I didn't take it back for an exchange...........^_^

    I'm not a serial returner but I have gone and made returns and exchanges on items other than handbags....
  3. i've returned some bags in the past...yes...i have to admit. :sad: yeah, i do feel bad for the person who has lost their commission...but if i'm not totally sure about the bag, i try not to let anybody waste their time and help me decide (b/c if i'm not sure about it, more than 75% of the time i will return it). but i don't return as often as some other people i know
  4. No I usually know what I want & don't return.
  5. I am not a returner at all unless a product is actually defective. I just don't see the point. IMHO, there is no difference than trying it on in front of a mirror in a store than trying it on at home. I just make sure it's something I know I want. I know what I have in my closet, I know what I wear, I know what it's going to go with.
  6. I have returned bags that I bought online. Even though I am careful when I order, sometimes the color or size isn't exactly what I wanted. I never feel guilty making a return.
  7. I return if I am not happy, but it took me awhile to get to this point. I am just careful to keep my receipts and not take off the tags until I am 100 % sure.
    Three years ago I ordered a Devi Kroell from NM, from a store,not on line. When the bag arrived I hated it on site- wrong color, wrong size. And hugely expensive, I felt terrible whenever I thought about it. But the SA sent such a sweet note in the bag, I felt too bad to return it. I know I am spineless!
    Three years later and I love the bag and am SO glad I kept it. So my problem worked out to my benefit.
  8. I'm a returner. I try to get things I love but sometimes I never actually use it or it doesn't look right with what I bought it for. So I will return it.

    Most of the time it's because I shop online a lot and when I receive it, it doesn't look like what I envisioned it would look like, doesn't fit, etc. so I return it.

    I don't fret about it because it rarely affects a commissioned SA since most returns are online or at places without commission. I also don't have very many regular SAs at the moment because I have yet to find very many people who seem to do more than open a dressing room for me. For me to give a SA my business they need to treat me somewhat special - free shipping, thank yous, calls to let you know of sales, giving you a business card, remembering something I like... just something above opening a dressing room and ringing up an item.
  9. I am a returner and don't feel guilty at all. After all, most of the department stores I buy from in London have a no quibble return policy as long as it has not been used.

    Most of the time, there is also too much pressure being put on you in the shop to buy. I prefer to make up my mind in the privacy of my own home. Besides, a bag looks completely different when you have all your stuff in it - imagine the hassle of emptying out the contents of your bag in the middle of a shop into the bag you are trying on!
  10. I rarely ever return anything. I don't think I've ever returned a bag.
  11. Never returned a bag, I rarely make rash purchases. Buy the time I buy something, I'll have tried it on, daydreamed about it and absolutely sure that I want it.
  12. I've bought 2 bags, that I loved in the store but once I got them home and put my stuff in them..I really didn't like them.
    So I took them back and exchanged for something else, normally more expensive.
  13. i am... i don't mean to be, but i am. i don't worry sas, though, b/c i shop elux.
  14. NO , I usually give purchases a lot of thought, I don't return unless there's a malproduction.
  15. Boy oh boy, thats a GREAT question for everyone on here! Yes, I was a serial returner. I was so wishy washy with my purchases that I was ALWAYS returning bags! It was so bad, that I would call and make sure my SA was NOT working on the day I was returning a bag, because I would feel bad. I am MUCH better now. I TRY and choose wisely now. Today I bought a Coach Indigo Denim logo Tote and a Indigo Patchwork Wallet AND a LV Neverfull bag. I doubt any of it will be returned. GREAT question! One of the best questions ever asked on here. Come on girls, spill it! You know we are all returners!:P