Are you a returner?

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  1. I hardly ever return anything.
  2. I confess, I'm a returner. I was feeling very guilty for awhile with zappos because everything I ordered from them I ended up returning because it didn't fit or it just was totally different than what I was expecting when it appeared at my door step. Shopping online has made me more of a returner, but I think that even when I saw things in real life, I've always been a returner. I feel guilty about it, but then I find myself never using an item and then I end up returning things.
  3. Totally guilty as charged. I'm a serial returner like crazy. It's an endless cycle sometimes. My SAs are so nice, it's hard to say no. Plus they encourage you to do returns (I shop almost exclusively at Nordstrom) on things you're unsure about or if it's something they know will sell out. In the end, the SAs just want you to be happy and that assurance will keep you coming back.

    But I completely draw the line on returning handbags, shoes, or clothes that are used or in non-saleable condition. I do a lot of returns but always always make sure they are resaleable. Returning used items is just wrong.
  4. I'm a returner. In fact I've actually bought something (a vase) changed my mind before leaving the mall and taken it straight back!
    I'm a typical Gemini and have enormous trouble making up my mind. My bag purchases are usually tortuous and usually involve a return somewhere along the line.
    Most recent was a Gryson Skye that I bought from the USA - colour wasn't right when it came so back it went.
    Then I went to Nice (France), bought a Prada, got it back and wasn't sure so exchanged it for another bag - I must keep the Post Office going!
    I really envy those people who make the right decisions first time. My husband is just amazed he hasn't been swapped before now!

  5. sarajane, just wonder how do you get refunds or exchange when you bought a bag from abroad, e.g. your Prada? I sometimes have problems like this, bought something from Italy and then when I got back to London, I feel guilty or change my mind and I thought it is too late to exchange or get a refund.
  6. If it's a bag available in the UK they will exchange one bought in their stores abroad (Prada, that is, not sure about other lines)...but I don't know if they'd give a refund.

    I generally never return a bag, because if I am going to spend that much I think about it for at least a week (and sometimes for much longer while I wait to be able to afford it!) before going back and buying it. But I did buy a small Prada bag in Milan a few weeks ago in a colour scheme I'd seen and loved in London but that didn't seem to come in small bags here...there were several smaller bags and I opted for mine on the strength of price, and afterwards wished I had got the more expensive one...when I went to Selfridges they did have some smaller ones, but not mine, so they said they couldn't exchange...but now I'm glad because having taken it out I've decided I like my one better after all!! :yahoo:
  7. I'm not a returner or a seller. I get too attached to my things, and since all the boutiques are far away from where I live and I don't get access to most of the good Internet stores, I usually plan purchases a long time ahead and give it lots of thought. I would of course return if I got something with a flaw or a defect, but that hasn't happened yet, fortunately.
  8. With great difficulty! Getting an exchange sorted with the French store was a nightmare. I did eventually sort it out but it took forever. I do think for a long time and do lots of research before I buy but I still often end up changing my mind. I've got bitten too many times now so I'm trying to curb any impulsive purchases.
  9. Woah - wish I'd known that when it came to changing my Prada e/w satchel. I ended up doing an exchange with the French shop but it was tricky. They never said I could change it in a Prada shop here - wish they had.
  10. No, I have never returned a bag (and rarely return anything else either). I always think about my purchases, especially if they are expensive. I'm also the person who, when buying a bag, fills it with the things I would be carrying in it (at least, sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, pretty much whatever is in the bag I'm carrying at the moment) right there in the shop :yes:, to see how it looks like and to see if they all fit in.

    If the bag broke or I found fault in it after I'd bought it, I'd take it back definitely. I don't want to be paying that kind of money for an inferior product.
  11. Thanks Sez. I am quite surprised about this because I tried it once at Tods and other stores (can't remember now) in London and they wouldn't exchange goods that I bought from other European countries.
  12. As a rule it's only things i've bought online that I return.

    I once returned a Chloe Silverado in Python (turqoise colour) the hardware was such a bright silver I didn't like it...the photos on the site didn't show this.

    I really wanted to keep it and stared at if for 2 days trying to like it...but come Monday morning I had to send it back as i knew i just didn't love it.

    Otherwise most items (clothes) just get exchanged for the correct size.
  13. I'm not a returner, but that's probably because I'm obsessed with something to start off and have researched it backwards and forward before taking the plunge. Granted, my purchases have all been below $500, but even if I jumped "to the next level", I don't think I would return. It is something I never saw anyone around me do (my parents are notorious packrats) and only until I was in my early 30s did I *think* that it was something I could do (unless there was an obvious defect).

    Now I am a seller - so if something doesn't sit right with me, I'll try for a little while, but inevitably sell it. I can't justify keeping things that I don't use in the house. It's not just a matter of money - it's the clutter factor too. I feel guilty about it sitting around so it's sell, sell, sell!
  14. Ah well, perhaps I ran into a particularly nice SA or was just looking amazingly pretty that day (although from memory I looked like I'd been dragged through a bush and was embarrassed to even go in! :shame: Ah well, maybe he felt sorry for me!) - but as I said, I've only ever tried this the once, so it's not necessarily representative. It was at the London Selfridges Prada outlet in case anyone wants to give it a go! But they don't have the full range that I saw in Milan, so I guess it's partly down to luck as to whether or not they stock the item for you to exchange. Given the whole issue of the exchange rate I imagine they probably wouldn't give a straight refund.
  15. I am not a serial returner, I only buy bags I'm intent on keeping.

    I have returned bags a couple of times, because they didn't live up to their online pictures or description. Or because they were heavier than I thought.