Are you a returner?


Jul 21, 2006
Hi, I'm posting two questions here that I'm interested in...I hope these haven't been discussed already and I hope that these aren't taboo topics on TPF. Please don't hate me if they are!

First one, are you a returner? Have you bought bags, tried your stuff in them at home, looked at them in front of the mirror, taken them in and out of the dustbags...etc. and then returned them. Either because you changed your mind or couldn't really afford it? Are you a serial returner? I feel like I am sometimes. I end up feeling really badly that someone is going to lose commission too and I sometimes have to go to a different Neimans/Nordstrom to avoid the SA. Then, I'm afraid to face them again later...ahhhh....the guilt!
Let me know your experiences if you don't mind.....


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Oct 18, 2006
New Mexico
No, I'm really not much of a returner, I guess since I spent 2 years in retail & there is nothing more disappointing than working for the commission then having somebody yank it out from under you.
I work in advertising sales now, totally on commission & I would far rather a person tell me no up front than make me think I made a good sale & then take it away when I'm not looking.
I'm not being harsh I hope, but you may have to be just a little more careful in future.


Jul 21, 2006
Hi, I really appreciate your comments. And I agree....I have to admit, I now try to think about it long and hard before I buy anything to avoid the SA losing commission...



May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
No...I have never returned a handbag. I always make sure I have enough time at the store to check it out, try it on, look at it in the mirror, etc before buying. Lots of stores don't like it when you return too often!


Feb 28, 2006
I've never returned a bag that I bought at a boutique, but I've returned several that I bought online or over the phone.

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Nov 3, 2006
Somewhere South...
I have gotten many of my bags online-and those are the only ones that I have returned when I didn't like them or they weren't what I expected. That way I have no guily because no SA sold them to me. In the store I can choose on the spot and know that I'll like it. I returned a Chloe, a BE & D, and a Isabella Fiore to NM/BG when I didnt like them.:yes:


Feb 2, 2007
Soggy UK
No, and I have a funny story which really tells you how bad I am.

When my son was small, I bought him a pair of trainers from Marks & Spencers. The first time he had them on, I said they are on the wrong feet, changed them. When his dad came home from work, he said your shoes are on the wrong feet?????

Well, I had bought 2 left feet. I was so afraid of taking them back, I even thought of going in and buying the 2 right feet, to match!!!

My SIL who worked for M&S told me, that it was the fault of the staff, and shoes are sold in pairs, a left and a right, so, get them changed.

:cursing: I am the worlds worst at this type of thing.

Just remembered I returned a package to QVC when they sent me a wrong item. I also have a Christmas tree which they sent me by mistake for an exercise machine. I know. Can see you all shaking your heads. I am a nutpot.


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May 24, 2007
I'm not a returner but I can see why you wouldnt want to go back to the same SA. I've had to return a few things, either gifts that I didnt end up giving or items that when I got home noticed had imperfections. Once when I was making a return the SA seemed to be giving me a guilt trip about it, and I didn't appreciate that. While I knew it wasn't my fault, unless its an SA I know well that experience has made me not want to return things to one time use SA's.


Oct 12, 2006
No, I never return anything, handbag or otherwise. I may take what to some might seem an inordinate amount of time looking at things and thinking hard about making even the smallest purchase, but once I have bought it, if I really decide I don't like it, I will just give it away and let it bless somebody who does like it!

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Dec 26, 2006
Tooth Fairy Land =)
i have returned one bag, a LV marais. I rushed into that purchase. Normally I spend a few weeks looking at bags etc, and then i fall in love; but i just wanted a shoulder bag and ended up with the marais. I took it out once and hated it, so i returned it!


May 22, 2007
Abu Dhabi, UAE
i've never returned a bag.. i rarely return anything really! thats why i take my time thinking, looking around and reading reviews before making a decision to buy something.. specially with cosmetics!
Feb 19, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
I have yet to return a bag though buy many through Ebay or on sale so returning is not an option.

From a salesrep's point of view, if you think you should return something, feel free to use the store's policy to do so. They want you to be happy and buy at the store often, an easy return policy helps that point.

Now, if you are buying and returning bags like a revolving door, you have issues. I suspect some do that merely to 'own' the bag for a short time without really paying for the priviledge. This helps no one and is bad practice and does cost the store alot. Not all returned merchandise can be resold as new. Where do you think alot of the sellers on Ebay get their goods?


I am a returner. Look, it's hard enough to make an on-the-spot decision at the store without seeing how a particular item will fit into your wardrobe. I am spending $1000+ on these handbags and I want to be sure that 1)it will go with what I wear, and 2) it is of excellent quality. In addition, the SA's I work with encourage me to return it if I change my mind. While I don't do this ALL the time, I have done it on several occasions where it turns out what I have bought will not fit in with what I currently have. Yes, I realize it's a hassle, and yes, you do end up taking away the SA's commission, but that's the nature of their line of work. They have other customers too.

In addition, if a store has a good return policy, I end up keeping my business there anyway.


May 23, 2007
I returned two LV epi items. The accessories pouch was just useless to me. It couldn't hold much and took up a lot of space in my Saint-Jaques. Two days and back it went.

I also returned an Epi makeup bag. The zipper would stick (didn't test the zipper back and forth before I bought it). I wanted to exchange it, but my makeup bag was the last in the color I wanted.

I felt bad about it but I know I'd feel worse keeping items I wasn't pleased with.