Are you a returner?

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  1. I barely ever return anything. I'm in a position where I have to be careful with my money, so I take as long as needed in selecting any items. I don't want to take the risk of not being able to return it for any reason. This makes me lose a lot of time in the shops but saves me a big headache afterwards. The only times I've returned/exchanged stuff is when my mum gets me something that doesn't fit or when I buy something that doesn't work (like appliances and such).
  2. I've only returned one bag. It was a gift, the YSL muse. He bought the oversized one. It was just too huge. I switched to the large.
  3. No, I almost never return anything....bags or otherwise. Although, this passed spring I ordered a bunch of clothes from BG, Saks and NM and not all of them fit, so I had to return some of them or exhange them.

    I have never returned a handbag. I'm always 100% positive I want it before I buy it.
  4. Guilty as charged! I do seem to only return online high-end handbag purchases, though. Sometimes online, things are a different color than they are IRL or the dimensions look waaaay different than they did in the picture and the bag just doesn't "feel" right. If I'm dropping $1000+ on something, I want to make really sure it works for me. If I ever did have to return a bag to an SA at NM or Saks, I'm sure I would feel intimidated, but that wouldn't stop me from making the return. I agree with the previous poster who said sometimes SAs pressure you a bit and you make a decision you end up regretting later. I'm not usually comfortable being approached by them and always say, "I'm just browsing now...I'll let you know if I have any questions." Because let's face it, a commissioned salesperson has a lot at stake; who could blame them if they put their best interests before yours? I'm not saying any of them are dishonest or anything; just that they have a vested interest in making a sale, and I prefer to negotiate that road alone.
  5. I buy a lot of stuff online, so I always return things. I used to feel bad about it, but I've been learning to tell myself that there's no point in keeping something that I'll hardly wear or use. There's a NM and a Saks close to me, so I'm always buying stuff online from them, then returning it in store to save on shipping.
  6. If it's a high price item, I usually don't buy the bag on the spot when I'm at the store. I either research the bag I'm interested in or I go to the store to browse the handbag selection and sleep on it ... if I still want it the next day then I go back and buy it. If it's on sale, I always ask the SA to put a hold on it for one day so I can sleep on it. Out of all the purchases I've made, I've only returned 4 bags. I hate returning anything ... that's why I really think about it before I buy it!

  7. That makes perfect sense to me. Sometimes you don't know until you see it in person. Also, the selection on-line seems to be larger than in the store, so you may need to take a chance on ordering, "just to see".
  8. Nope. Probably because I always choose what I want ahead of time. Sometimes a week in advance, or even a month.
  9. Yup... if something doesn't work for me, I try to make myself take it back & get something that I will actually use...

    That being said - there are still a few "NWT" bags in my closet & clothing hanging in my closet with the tags still on!!! :Push: I used to keep alot more, but I am trying to get in the habit of taking back the things that are still sitting in shopping bags a week or two after purchasing them... if I know I'm not going to use them.

    I still have a MJ satchel that I bought at NM that is sitting NEW in the dustbag, in the NM bag!! :shrugs: I love it - I just haven't gotten around to ... using it yet.... :whistle:

    Also... the last Coach PCE was not so good for me either... because over the span of the week - I purchased (had to order, so I couldn't try on in the store) 4 pairs of shoes, and NONE of them fit... so all FOUR ended up going back... :rolleyes: This PCE... I'm going to try to be good & only buy stuff I'm going to keep...
  10. I return things all the time, esp shoes, but like many of the ladies here, I shop online and I don't have the luxury of seeing and trying on the items on in person. (I live in NYC and work in SoHo, but I find that my size is always gone! - which is why I shop online.)

    However, I do keep the majority of the things I buy. It is just that sometimes the color/shape/fit is not what I had imagined and instead of wasting money and closet space on something I don't love and having it sit there unused and unloved, I return it for someone else to buy.

    The only guilt I feel is the waste of energy that goes into shipping the items back and forth :sad: This I will be better about from now on.

    If only my shoe size (5.5) wasn't so hard to find in the brick and mortar stores...
  11. i've returned 3 bags to NM after ordering online. all 3 purchases were slightly over my budget, and i hadn't seen any of them IRL, but had to act fast because a really great deal popped up that would be gone in an instant. i also returned them to the NM in person to save on return shipping. i ended up not liking them IRL - either due to color, or size.

    i've bought things from hayden harnett online thinking... mmm.... if i don't like it, i can always return it, but with HH i always feel too guilty to return it- picturing the 2 owners who have emailed me personally!

    i don't feel as bad 'hurting' a huge faceless company like NM when i order online.
  12. Definitely a returner. :yes:

    I buy a lot of things online (and have other things sent from stores) and any clothes I buy directly from stores I rarely try on, as I hate trying things on in changing rooms.

    If something is faulty, or damaged, doesn't fit, or doesn't suit me, or whatever - back it goes.

    No guilt.

    Having said that, I return accessories and jewellery less often, as it's far easier to make sure that they will look good on you without trying them on, than it is clothes.
  13. I'm not a returner. That said I did return a LV Speedy. I had it for 6 days I didn't use it. I'd pick it up and "model" it in the AM before work and again in the PM before bed. It just wasn't my bag. I guess I got caught up in all the posts here where people say the Speedy is the bag they can't live without....

  14. ITA. My hubby tries to buy anything I fancy but most of the time I dont like them 100% so back to the store it goes. Good intentions but lots more hassles.

    That being said, I would never return a good SA's items.
    If service is good, I would feel obligated to keep it as a gift for someone else to avoid SAs loosing commision. But if the SA treats me snobbish, I would just buy things until I find exact item from somewhere else before I return it.

    I have never returned high end designer goods though. I give them much more thoughts.
  15. i return things but never bags. i always know which bags i want before i buy them. i wouldnt feel guilty about it if i did but i have never bought a bag i didn't love and want to keep as far as i can remember.

    now clothing and other things are another story. i used to be a much bigger returner than i am now. i hate to try on clothes and they almost never look as good at home as they do in the store so i would buy stuff and then return it. no guilt. i buy enough that the amount i return doesn't matter imo.

    nowadays i mainly put things on ebay rather than return them. most of my clothes i buy on sale with a thought about it resale value so i know if i sell it i can at least make my money back.

    funny story- i recently went to an event for a makeup line at a dept store. afterwards they did your makeup. i REALLY did not feel like getting mine done. got to talking to the SA and my mom and the SA ended up talking me in to a full line of facial products. i mean like every single thing they made pretty much. i'm a girl who washes her face with the same soap and water as i do my whole body! and i walked out of there with 2 cleansers! and moisturizers and eye cream and alpha hydroxy pads and and and. omg it was like over 500 dollars worth. i literally walked out the door and thought- what the hell was i thinking? i brought everything except the make-up and the alpha pads the next day. they took it back, no problem, though they did ask who helped me because they said she should have listened when i said how low maintence i was and not let me walk out with 2 cleansers etc. i felt bad but it was true. i hope she didn't get in trouble. used the money to get a fab cashmere throw for my couch- which is one of the best things i have ever gotten.