Are you a returner?

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  1. I had a friend who was a returner. She used to buy an "it" bag and use it for a while and return it. She did not have financial problem to buy those bags but she kind of used to do that.

    I could not stop her from doing that, but I think there are some people like her out there who just buy the bag, use it for a while and then return it.

    Is it only me who saw my friend did that or you also have observed such a behavior?
  2. I'll admit it. I'm a compulsive shopper AND a compulsive returner. I can't tell you the number of bags/etc. that I've sent back. So much so, that if you were smart, you'd buy stock in UPS.
    I hate clutter and feeling that things are unorganized, so I'll return something in a heartbeat if I get it and decide it's not what I wanted. I refuse to let things start piling up and since there are no stores around here to get some sort of idea what it looks like in real life, I'm forced to order.
    No regrets except all the money that's been spent on sending stuff back.
    This forum is going to be the death of me yet! lol
  3. As long as they can be returned, and the bags have not been used yet (unless it's defective), then I don't see why it's a problem. It helps to get rid of unnecessary clutter, and saves the funds to buy something you really love later. Normally I research the heck out of an item before purchase, but there's just certain information like quality of wear, leather thickness/structure that you can't tell, unless you see it IRL, or try it out first.
  4. No. If I want to buy something involving huge amount of $$$ I'm going to make sure that is my final decision. Impulse or not I won't be wasting time returning an item unless I found some defects.