Anyone Interested In A Moissy (Moissanite) Thread??

I have a pair of killer 1cttw diamond earrings in yellow gold that I adore, and I thought they were going to be the only everyday earring that I needed, but I’m apparently easily distracted by shiny things… here are my new moissanite flower earrings! They are 3mm each moissanite.
The flower cluster design is veeeeery popular where I live, almost ubiquitous, and I’ve always liked it, but when I had the opportunity to buy new diamond earrings I opted for a triangle design which I felt was more unique. Now that I’ve bought the flower design I can see why everyone has them: they really flattering, classy and classic.
I love my flowers in moissanite, though. They are soooo shiny and clear. It’s hard to take a clear picture, or one that shows their brilliancy fairly and accurately.
I have sooo many pairs of earrings, and most of them are diamonds, but I see myself reaching for this pair very often.
I’d also love to know where the earrings are from.
Moissanite is so addictive! Today, I’m wearing an asscher an baguette cut moissanite band. It’s beautiful. It sparkles really nicely (although nothing beats a round brilliant moissanite). I thought the stones were going to look bigger, they’re smaller than I hoped (I bought the ring on line).
I think I’m going to wear it on days when I want to wear understated jewelry (white gold feels discreet on my skin tone). I paired it today with my teeny tiny moissanite studs (2mm). The sparkle on these is amazing and I love the little peek of brilliance when I tuck my hair behind my ear.
I’ve also included a fun pic of stacking diamond rings with my moissanite.
I have 2 more pieces to share and I’ll post them when I wear them.
Happy Wednesday!







I got a pair of delicate moissanite climbers. The biggest stone is 3.5 mm.
They’re gold vermeil, and I never buy vermeil, but I thought they look so much better in yellow gold! If they fade fast I can always replate them or recreate them in gold if I find I reach for them often. I’ve worn them 2 days in a row and I think they’re classy but fun.
I’m sorry for the bad picture but it’s late and overcast in my city. In real life they are so sparkly!




You’ve all inspired me to explore moissanite! Does anyone know of a retailer of good quality stones in Canada? Both Charles & Colvard and MoissaniteCo want ridiculous shipping fees plus duties. Or any sellers through Etsy or Amazon that are worth it?
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Well, I went ahead and ordered a .6 round brilliant white moissanite from a seller on Etsy. They get really good reviews and specialize just in moissy so I’m hopeful it will look nice. I want to turn it into a stud earring. Will post when it arrives!

I was a little discouraged about moissy after getting my tiara band for my wedding set…they look cloudy compared to the diamonds. But from reading this thread and doing some research, I realize it’s because I didn’t buy from a decent seller. I’m happy with it anyway…they are small stones so it looks fine except super close-up! All the other stones in my wedding set and that I own are vintage or lab, as I prefer not to support mining.

My new addition are flower cluster earrings, smaller than the ones I showed before. Those were too big for me so I ended up giving them to my mom, and bought ones with 2mm stones.
I like them very much except they are redundant to my collection. I didn’t realize they would be almost the same size as my diamond snowflake earrings. Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll wear them plenty because they are sparkly and pretty. I’m not sure the beauty of the stones can be seen through the camera on my phone, most of the photos come out blurry!
I’ll continue looking for my Goldilocks cluster earrings.





I bought 4 pieces in silver to try moissanite out and I adore 2 of them, don’t like 1 and feel so so about the other. For the piece I don’t like, it’s a 6,5 mm solitaire pendant in a bezel setting. I don’t know what it is that I don’t like, the stone is beautiful and the craftsmanship is great, but maybe it’s too big. I’ve commissioned a similar piece with a small diamond in yellow gold and I think I will like that much more.
the piece I like so so is a right hand ring. The design is nice but some of the moissanites are a bit yellow. I’ve worn it for dinner ant night and it didn’t look yellow at all, so I might wear it for night time occasions.
The first piece I that I ended up loving is a three stone ring. The center stone is 6.5 mm and the side stones 5 mm each. The moissanites are incredibly sparkly, white and clear. I talk with my hands a lot and I see women following the ring with their eyes! It’s a real showstopper.
The last piece that I bought is a 3 mm tennis bracelet. The moissanites in the bracelet are divine. I have a real (albeit small) tennis bracelet and the moissanite one is 10 times prettier. I can’t get over the beauty of the stones. And the design and craftsmanship of the bracelet are great.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Can you please pm details for the tennis bracelet?
My moissanite from Etsy arrived today and, on first sight, I’m really impressed! It came very well packaged and looks stunning! My next step is to take it to a jeweller to make into a stud, and I’ll be very interested to hear what the jeweller has to say about it.

Here it is in the sunshine next to the 4mm crystal (I don’t even know what it is, just from a cheap body jewelry shop) stud I’ve been wearing. Then next to the .5 carat diamond in my wedding set, H color, SI1, in natural light. It sparkles like crazy in the sun! It’s 5.5 mm, .6 carat equivalent.

61993852-E940-4189-8A12-0F288664C0D9.jpeg 73713BA9-A6E5-45F3-96C1-F46B62E13A1D.jpeg

PS. I went this route rather than buying studs from Charles and Colvard or others because I just want one, and I’m very particular about the setting. I’ll be wearing it 24/7 in cartilage so it has to be as low profile setting as possible and able to fit into a threadless end. Will post pics when it’s done.

PPS. I feel a new addiction coming on :heart::P
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Has anyone had a jeweler give them a hard time setting moissanite? I have a stone I want to remount into a setting that does have channel set diamonds in it and at first the jeweler was like "ya-ya that is NO problem." Then I sourced the stone I wanted doubled checked the certificate with what is etched on the stone and the jeweler gave me a hard time about the fact its moissanite. Now I am looking for another jeweler to set the stone.