Anyone Interested In A Moissy (Moissanite) Thread??

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  1. mods delete if duplicate, I may very well have started one before so merge or delete.

    I have 3 that I am enjoying and hopefully the pics will come through. One I wear most of the time I wear as my E-ring, the others are just for fun. One? White, one dark greyvsnd one blue-green.

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  2. Well one missing, will keep trying

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  3. I love moissy. It’s so beautiful. I have one ring and another coming in the mail. It’s not cheap but much more affordable than diamonds so it’s nice if you want to change up your rings once in a while without breaking the bank.
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  4. DM me if you'd like, and let me know where you are getting yours. Maybe you're paying too much. I have a reliable Etsy seller. When set and appraised, has come out to about twice what I put into the ring...
  5. I love moissy. Let's have a moissy thread. I will post a picture of my ring tomorrow.
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  6. Well this is the thread!:smile:
  7. This is mine. 1ct equivalent Forever Brilliant. IMG_20190906_093656__01.jpg
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  8. Very nice! and of course the 'love' should go right next to it!
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  9. I'd love it if you could show what the setting looks like from the side - It is interesting how it tapers in towards the stone...
  10. I would love to get a rose cut moissy some day. I think it is fabulous in a RC stone. That deep colored one you have is very cool @chessmont!
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  11. Thank you bunny cat! The Etsy seller I frequent has a few rose cut, I can DM you the store, she can often get things you are looking for. Also, I think guccilover21 has a good Etsy seller if you ask for the site... you might find what you are wishing for.
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  12. I’ll be on bling ban for a good looong while after my OMB purchase. But one day...I’ll poke around again. :smile:
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  13. Here it is. Needs a good cleaning.

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  14. A2AB5FAD-4A1F-4801-9C76-150DC156627B.jpeg Just wanted to post mine. I love it so much and now want a solitaire simple version too!

    I’m so over diamonds which I also have. They don’t sparkle as much.
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  15. oh, nice setting!
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