Anyone ever purchase at

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  1. Geez. I just received a blue leather Fendi purse via from a "boutique" in Austria. DHL delivered it in two business days which is outstanding. It is authentic Fendi and it was packed very well! Now for the BAD NEWS!! As soon as I opened the box I IMMEDIATELY noticed a number of dark stains on the front of the purse!! I can't believe the Austrian boutique, Liska, had the balls to ship it to me in that condition. there's no way they didn't notice while packing it. Yes, it was 30% off, but what really chaps my hide, is that it's not like it was the last purse left and they were trying to wipe their hands of it, because I went online tonight and there is still stock of my stained purse available!! Unbelievable. Guess they thought since I was all the way in California, they didn't have to bother sending me a "new" purse in decent condition. This purse is going back. What an international headache and waste of time! I blame the boutique more than Farfetch. But am now leery of Farfetch due to their lack of ability to maintain quality control directly at these boutiques... add to that the whole international factor into the equation and... BEWARE ladies!! Never again for me!!
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  3. ^^ oh my god :nono::nono:

    Let us know what they say when you send it back. That's unbelievable!
  4. I've dealt with Farfetch before and whilst the example above is shocking it's really not their fault. Farfetch is fundamentally a way of putting lovers of high end fashion clothing items they find hard to find in touch with boutiques in Italy, France, etc, which are too small to have their own website but have the hard to get items.

    It could be that some unscrupulous boutiques have been dispatching sub-standard goods but if this happens, as it did to me with a pair of boots I bought, you will get a refund eventually. Ultimately, no harm done and I think these defective goods issues are probably rare. At least you know you're getting the real deal, not a fake.

    I would though seriously recommend as a superior alternative. Ok, they have less stock being only one shop in Florence, but what they have is superb. More than that they are, uniquely in my experience, a retailer who actually participates in the creation of fashion. They are a serious part of the Italian fashion scene and you just need to check their website to see this - video clips of models wearing the items, awesome photography and even a 3D tour of the Florence shop! Truly leading edge fashion retail!

  5. Hmmm I'm really nervous after reading this thread. Made my first order with farfetch today-looked at the website a few times and seems legit. I even looked at the website of the boutique that my item would be sent from. I've received an acknowledgement of order but not a confirmation as yet so I'll wait and see and just hope that my fears go unfounded. Fingers crossed.......
  6. Hi like I said in my previous post, I'm from the UK and I ordered a pair of YSL tribtoos from were from a boutique in Paris called Biodini. I have to say that after reading this thread I was skeptical but I received my order today with no problems. I ordered on January 14th and opted to pay by credit card-I received an email from farfetch string that my order had been received but they would send an email once it was processed. I then received an email on 16th January stating my order had been passed to Biodini and was now processing. Yesterday I received another email staring my purchase had been dispatched along with a dhl tracking number then lo and behold when I arrive home my new shoes are waiting for me. I would definitely use this site again-a smooth process from start to finish. And even with the shipping costs I still managed to bag my shoes for £100 less than the retail price :smile:
  7. Before reading any of the reviews about the site farfetch , I ordered some shoes. Everything went PERFECT shipping was fast too because it came from California and I'm in Washington state. The packaging wasn't the best but It wasn't a big deal. Of course though I had a change of heart on the item and decided to return it (or try to) I emailed them about it since I was out of the 5 day return thing (I didn't know about the 14 day until recently, luckily I'm still within it) No one emailed back, I emailed again and got a response within a few hours. The lady seemed polite and attached a return label in the email (so far so good) So I assumed the whole return process would go smooth. I will be shipping the package out today finally because of all the snow. But now I'm scared because even though the item hasn't been worn and still has tags, I won't get my refund. Idk I hope I do. So far I've read elsewhere people haven't received their refunds in over 3-4 months!! I don't want to be stressed out. I emailed them again and asked for detailed information about refunds, (waiting) Has anyone here had a successful return/refund situation? :shrugs:
  8. Hi ladies, this is my first post in this forum :P just wanna share my experience with farfetch

    Last week i found a balenciaga first in farfetch which i desired for long. However, i found some scratches at the back on those pictures shown in farfetch. So i sent mail to farfetch to clarify if those scratch will exist on my purchase. They replied with 24 hrs (true tht it's worse than those sites with online chat) and said there should be no stains nor scratches on their bags. Otherwise i can choose to return without additional fee.

    After i placed my order on wednesday, my bag arrived on friday! It was shipped from italy to hongkong. I really appreciate the fast shipment. The bag was all good. Farfetch is now one of my fav online stores :smile:
  9. Some of the post's in this thread seem suspect?? Hmmmm
  10. Agreed!
  11. I'd love to hear more reviews of this site as well.
  12. I bought 3 ferragamo flats with 2 separated orders. I was worried about duty fee that I may need to pay, but I didn't need to pay anything when I pick my order from dhl. Both my orders came in 3 days. If there is another sale, I think I will definitely shop from there again. I would like to know some input on the return or exchange.
  13. Does anyone know if farfetch will do price adjustments? I literally just ordered some Giuseppe Zanotti pumps yesterday and within the following 24 hours the price dropped to about $100 less! :help:
  14. I really want to order a pair of Tod's shoes from farfetch but am now a bit apprehensive. Clearly if only ONE boutique in Spain has these shoes, maybe I don't need them right? Haha. It does say import duties included, should I be wary of that statement too??
    These are the shoes for reference! If someone knows a more realiable site that carries these shoes, I'd love to know!