Any ANYA HINDMARCH lovers out there?

  1. I do have some older bags that were made in Italy-my Ebury, for instance. They only started making them in China a few years ago.
  2. Thank you, now I feel more confident and may get it. Other than origin that bag looks totally authentic (hardware etc).
  3. Hi ladies, glad to have found this thread - stumbled on this item online & it's very kitsch in my opinion. Authentic?
  4. I'm not a seasoned expert with my 4 AH bags, but hardware and embossment looks pretty good to me.
  5. Thanks GemsBerry ;)

  6. Love love love Anya!!!! Check out my Black Ebury and my sister's Mini and pouch in Blue 😊

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370821445.462184.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370821489.133111.jpg

  7. Gorgeous bags! How are you and your sister liking your Eburys? I'm thinking of getting a black one in the smaller size. How soft is the leather? I'm looking for something a little softer than the Prada Saffiano Lux totes, but still durable. Are the Eburys heavy?
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    Hi, we both LOVE our Eburys. Eburys are much better looking (than the Prada Saffiano, Tory Burch Robinson, MK double zip), very light weight, soft yet durable leather, the zippers are so smooth and the size is just perfect!!

    Both the Small/Mini (25 cm in length) and the Medium/Small (30 cm) hold their shape very well and the straps are sturdy. We are waiting for the additional straps to be hot stamped with our initials 😊 I find the largest one (35 cm) too large for my height and body frame.

    I highly highly recommend the Anya Ebury 😀

    Let me know when you decide to get yours!!
  9. Its authentic. I have one in black and another one in the same exact red! 😊

    Really gorgeous!!
  10. Thanks luv_bagz! Unfortunately I got beat to it :sad: nice score on both Colours!

  11. I've just found this thread, being a very recent convert! Although I was familiar with AH - nothing every really appealed to me and in particular the whole evilbay selling of the "I am not a plastic bag" tote for crazy prices.

    However, I was walking through HoF a few weeks back and noticed the Pomp and Pleasure range, because of the amazing tassel. So I fell the the fuchsia/pink tassel keyring a few weeks ago and yesterday purchased a Georgiana clutch in navy.
  12. Owh well.......there is always a next time 😉

    Have a great weekend!!
  13. Thanks for the info -- I'm glad you a loving yours! I have a Prada Saf Lux tote in the small size (guess it would be comparable to the 30 cm Ebury) and would love a similar bag in a more neutral color. I like Saffiano leather but don't love it and would prefer something softer, but that still holds its shape. From what you've said, the Ebury may be it! I think I'll order one and see ... can always return it if it doesn't work.