Any ANYA HINDMARCH lovers out there?

  1. Looks lovely! Is that the Nevis tote? Congratulations on your new mate :biggrin:
  2. It is! I am so loving it.
  3. I was just looking at the AH bags on net-a-porter ... really good-looking, and I was wondering if anyone could comment on the quality of the leather? If I get one, I'd like to use it as a daily bag, and want to know if it will hold up. Unfortunately, there's no where near me to see them in person. Thanks!
  4. I love AH! I have one hobo that I have had for two years, carried everyday for a year and she's held up so well (apart from the stains which I had to send for cleaning :sad: I was hard on my bags). I also have a clutch and she's held up well too. :smile:
  5. I've owned several Anya bags and while I find there is a huge difference in the workmanship now that the bags are made in China, I think the leather is still really great. I have a tote from 2-3 years ago that still looks new, and one from several months ago that has broken in/softened nicely. They are definitely made to stand up to regular use.
  6. Thanks for the reply! I did order an AH bag from net-a-porter ... you're right that the leather is very nice. Unfortunately, I ended up sending it back, not for quality reasons, but because the bag was considereably smaller than the measurements on the website.
  7. I had one many years ago that I used almost daily and the strap finally broke after two years and that was it. Never got another.
  8. I recently bought the Etta shoulder bag in Nude.

    Apart from the name, AM is not a brand I am familiar with but the bag ticked the boxes for me.

    It's not on the AM site, so not sure what season this came out. Does anyone know?


    One of the things that attracted me to the bag was all the pockets and compartments. Ideal for me. Plus, the shoulder strap can be removed to turn it into a clutch.



  9. Trying to decide whether a bespoke AH should be on my list this year. Have loved them forever.
  10. Ive admired anya hindmarch bags for a while now but couldn't justify the spend. While browsing a preloved website i found a beautiful calf hair shoulder bag called "bless" (which i cant seem to find online pics of??) anyway it was a really low price because come if the hair had worn away quite badly on the back :sad: after negotiating with the seller via the site ive managed to get this back for just £80 and in taking it to be restored!! Fingers crossed ..... Pics soon :smile:
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  11. I am so glad i found this thread. I am obsessed. Trying to decide between the small soft Ebury in black, OR going over the top with a small Bespoke Ebury Black (around $3,300). 3,300 is a lot for me to spend on a bag, but I love the structure of it and the sophistication of it. Any thoughts?
  12. I have a box calf small Ebury in black and a box calf large in taupe, from before they were bespoke. I use the small much more because the large is too heavy even empty. How much is the soft leather small? I do think it is a classic style that will last forever, so if you are the type to keep your bags forever, then it's a tough decision. If you think you might sell it later, know that the bespoke will depreciate significantly. I only paid about $110 for my small on consignment here in NYC and it is from the made in Italy-suede lined era.

    My other thought is that I have loved the Ebury ever since I laid eyes on it and now that Prada has made a similar style so popular I am even happier that I have a more discreet, classic version!

    Please post photos when you buy!
  13. i love her bags...have one in gold leather...AW:yahoo:ESOME
  14. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a melvin tote in black leather with the studs? Thank you so much!!
  15. Hi AH lovers!
    Can someone confirm that some of AH bags were made in Italy? I see one listing on eBay with tag "made in Italy" and I'm a little concerned that it's fake, all of my four AH bags are made in China (including oldies goodies with suede lining). I've never heard AH were made in Italy, only in UK and now in China.:thinking: