Any ANYA HINDMARCH lovers out there?

  1. I first discovered AH around 5-6 yrs ago and have been a devoted fan since. I love their photo bags!! I also have a Be a Bag with pics of me when I was lil.

    If you're also an AH lover, share your story and pics of your bags..

    I'll post pics of mine later on when I get home.
  2. I like her bags so much...but, I don't own a you have a photo of yours, sarahcantiik?
  3. Saw some Anya Handmarch bags at my local Nordstrom. The leather's extremely soft & nice.
  4. I saw them at Harvey Nicks in London....I like the little dog ones:love:
  5. I love her bags - she has bought out one this season called the Neeson that is woven leather with a bow shape in the middle. I was just in Liberty of London looking at it yesterday and it looks so well made, If only I was loaded i'd definitely get one!She also used to do some wacky ones that looked like candy wrappers but all done in sequins - so cute.
  6. When my best friend was getting married, she handed them out as gifts to the bridesmaids-i love mine (the cow in the pasture) :P
  7. They are harder to find in the States I think. I had one a few years back that was black and white, with little dogs on them. Very cute.

  8. I'll take some pics tonight and post them later okay.. At one point I owned about 10-15, but now I'm down to like 6 I think..

    ETA: Okay, I took a pic of some of my AH collection. I still have several more bags and some cosmetic cases, but I just cant seem to find them for now. I just put new closests in my bedroom, so things are still all over the place at the moment.. Here we go.. (the khaki one in the middle is my Be a Bag, it's my pic when I was lil)..
  9. sarahcantiik,

    I don't have any yet --- but, I'm thinking of getting one of her "bespoke" bags someday. When I'm a little older and want something with more classic lines. And, I'm not carrying around babies.:biggrin: To ruin my bags. :biggrin:

  10. Yes, the bespoke bags! They're great too, my mom loves them. I prefer the normal, photographic ones, especially animal prints. :heart: them!
  11. The photo bags are cute!!! I was eyeing a cute one with this funny green frog on it a few years ago and didn't buy...def. missed out on a fun bag!
  12. I love her bags. I have 3, all sparkley, one is a mock of a chips bag, one a cadburry bag and one looks like a racy novel. i'll take some pics soon and post them
  13. Please post - I love these bags!
  14. I absolutely love Anya Hindmarch! The photo bags are too cute, and this seasons braided leather bags are so yummy...

    I have a chocolate brown suede clutch with the signature bow-stitching & tassel. Its a cute evening style, and not super-dressy.

    AH bags are getting more and more popular here in Sweden, I see her bags every now and then, and fashion mags write about her too.
  15. Yes, please post pics callmelulu and vicky :idea: