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  1. I have two alti 160, one in chocolate color and the other in wine color both are size 37, but for some strange reason the chocolate color tightens me a bit (even after having it for several years already!) and the wine color remains perfect !, I guess the variation of the fit depends on the factory where they were manufactured! in other shoes such as So Kate, particularly the leopard looks like an A last and with the other colors in the same patent leather material look like a B
  2. I think you might be right. I have the black in 37.5 and they feel like the right size but they just hurt! I can easily wear the old Pigalle 120 so it’s not a pitch problem.

    As much as I love how they look, I think the style/material is not for my feet:sad:

    Thanks for your input!
  3. Hello! the black anemone I got them on and the red ones I bought them one morning of good luck in therealreal
  4. of the pigalle 120 have been published 3 versions, in the first version of 2004, the cut is so low that sometimes you can feel that the foot overflows a bit on the left side of the shoe (to my taste are the most beautiful) in this version, in a size 37 shoe, the heel measures approximately 133mm. in the second version which is the most known as the pre 2013, the tip is much wider and the heel is much lower, it measures 120mm exactly and for the third version that was the one that came out after 2013, the pigalle 120 was redesigned totally! the bow of the last is much lower since the heel measures 115mm, the last is very uncomfortable, the shoe is totally different from what it used to be! You can find this version on any website. Perhaps this is the difference in the comfort of your alti! since with these happened exactly the same! the heel was shortened and the last is much wider!
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    Like you, I prefer the 2004 version of Pigalle 120 and have been lucky to find some in our size.

    The Alti 160 that I have is from the same collection as your wine and chocolate versions. Lol, I made sure they were the correct height before purchasing them years ago. I think it might be time to let go of mine and replace them with more 2004 Pigalle styles.

    You have an AMAZING collection! Thank you for sharing it - can’t wait to see what else you get!
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  6. So lucky! Enjoy those rare beauties!
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  7. Sex 120 IMG_6113.JPG
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  8. IMG_6113.JPG
  9. Splash fur IMG_6113.JPG
  10. My anemone plume (made by me) IMG_6113.JPG
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  11. Peep lace IMG_6113.JPG
  12. Your Louboutin collection is simply amazing and you have one pair of my favourites Louboutin shoes... "Hot Chicks".
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  13. You have an amazing collection of CL shoes!
  14. Thank you my dejar!
  15. And finally my pigalle 120 crystal dorado [​IMG]
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