Alida Loubicollector[emoji1166]

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  1. That’s great! Can’t wait to see.
  2. My New (to me) and never worn Pigalle 120 in silver speccio!!! IMG_6568.jpg
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  3. OMG, I LOVE them! Please post pics w/outfit & out on town (work and play)

    I think there is a gold shiny version. If I ran into either silver or gold, I would jump to buy!
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  4. the pigalle gold speccio is the other shoe who is on my wait list... i hope someone wants to sell those. hehehe
  5. OMG - those are so gorgeous
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  6. IMG_6617.jpg

    Finally with me!!!!! My new two pairs of Anemone 120... I must confess that the red one will turn in a Anemone plume
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  7. Amber 150 IMG_6618.jpg
  8. Lady peep in alligator IMG_6619.jpg
  9. Love your dreamy new additions label24! Two Anemones? :love::girlsigh::loveeyes: The Ambers and croc LP are gorgeous.
  10. There's a pic of Pamela Anderson wearing gold Pigalle 120 (pre-2013), but I can't find it
    Pamela1x17_468x713.jpg 468×713 pixels.jpg
  11. Is this beauty IMG_6646.jpg
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  12. Ladies!! What do you think about What Im doing? IMG_6722.jpg
  13. I still love the old Pigalles...:love:
  14. Omg!!! May I ask where you found the Anemone?? I found a black pair but took me over 10 years to find in my size.
  15. I see that you love the Alti 160. How do you find they fit? I think we are the same shoe size, what size do you wear?

    I have the original jazz calf pair and they hurt my feet but if I size up, I think they will definitely slip off.