Alida Loubicollector[emoji1166]

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  1. Hello everybody!!! finally I have decided to share with you my precious collection of louboutins. behind each shoe there is a story since not all of them I bought at a retail price, this collection I have built in the last 10 years♀️. I really hope you like it!

    All my shoes are size 37 & 37.5
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  2. IMG_3115.jpg

    My first baby!! And my favorite!!! The pigalle 120
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  3. IMG_3119.jpg Pigalle 120 paillets in black
  4. IMG_3121.jpg Pigalle 120 in Leopard patent
  5. IMG_3125.jpg Salopette 120 cream jazz
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  6. IMG_3127.jpg Pigalle 120 magenta patent
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  7. IMG_3124.jpg one of the most beautiful shoe that i have!!!! Pigalle 120 chantilly lace
  8. IMG_3118.jpg Duvette 120 patent leather!!
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  9. IMG_3129.jpg the hardest piece to find !!!! En passant 120
  10. IMG_3131.jpg Lola 120!!
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  11. IMG_3133.jpg Declic 140
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  12. IMG_3137.jpg Alti bootie 160
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  13. IMG_3135.jpg Bloody Mary 140 in phyton
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  14. IMG_3141.jpg Forever tina 140!!!
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  15. IMG_3139.jpg Flanavec boots 140!!
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