Alida Loubicollector[emoji1166]

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  1. They are beautiful, perfect for a ceremony. Elegant and classic.
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  2. I plan to use them for day to day! these shoes make me feel a Cinderella 24 hours
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  3. You have such a beautiful collection, I really enjoyed scrolling through the pictures. Thank you for sharing!
  4. I agree shoes actually come to life when you wear them. They change your day. They change your experience. Don't be afraid to wear heels
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  5. [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji151][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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  6. I do not think you need to have that Pigalle model to become a Cinderella. You have high-heeled models so beautiful and sexy, that any of those make you a princess all the time. Please continue to show us your fantastic collection.
  7. High heels change any woman, showing more her feminine and sensual side. Nothing compares to a woman in high heels walking, where she shows her power and her confidence holding her balance without hesitation as she walks over those stilettos, but unfortunately not all women are capable of it. Those who are capable, have my complete admiration.
  8. [​IMG] My totally new Orlan 160 in pony hair [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji151][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322]
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  9. They are beautiful and seems to be very elegant on woman feet. What's the height of the heels?
  10. This shoe is like a alti 160 or like a pigalle 120 but with plataform [emoji151]
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Yes, they have the same arch as Pigalle, but Pigalle is a classic. 120mm heels against 130mm heels with 10mm of platform. Both are beautiful.
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  13. New fetiche loubs [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85] conquilla 120 [​IMG]
  14. Strass...strass...strass[​IMG]
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  15. All of them are beautiful, but my favourites are the Pigalle, they are one of the most classic model by Louboutin.
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