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  1. Love the cw 01 with your leather jacket bunnycat
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  2. thank you MotoChiq! I do too! This is one of my favorite jackets.
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  3. double post
  4. OMG!! :faint:
    The scarf!! The bracelet!! :faint:
  5. Fabulous!! :love:
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  6. I agree, I would have bought this CW if it was available :sad:
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  8. Gosh I love this!! So sad it wasn’t produced :sad:
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  9. :tender:
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  10. Wow! This is beautiful, really is a shame this didn't make the cut! The purple on the leaves in the bottom corner are TDF!
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  11. A big fan of her designs, especially Zebra Pegasus. This is my current collection. I have Appaloosa shawl join this family in a few days. It's worth to note this "Into The Canadian Wild" is the limited edition only issued in Canada (:-

    DB0C696D-12B5-4467-B8E6-6BD614451B91-1745-000003F91641081B_tmp.jpg 59036163-5E9F-4E66-91DE-9EC588BD6E6D-1745-000003F91BFEE23E_tmp.jpg A7B94CCD-AD5B-4979-A098-8F6DA75D6AFF-1745-000003F921328776_tmp.jpg
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  13. I love the LE canadian wild scarf!! The colours are wonderful!!!:flowers:

    P.S. Is this scarf still available? Or has it sold out?
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  14. Thank you, bunnycat.

    Thank you! I don't think it's available anymore. It was out in June last year and sold out immediately. My friend determined to buy this one from US, so on the day when it was issued, she kept refreshing H Canada website franticly. Luckily, she was able to order two for us and had them sent to a friend of mine in Ottawa. After paying crazy Canadian tax and express mail, we finally got this precious scarf. LOL....
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  15. A great story to go with a beautiful scarf!:flowers:
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