Scarves Alice Shirley Fan Club

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  1. Decided to start a thread about Alice Shirley since after purchasing my latest scarf - Into the Canadian Wild - I realized Alice Shirley designs make up a large portion of my scarf collection! Thought this would be a fun way for everyone else who is a fan of her designs to share their Alice Shirley collection. Here is my current Alice Shirley collection:
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  2. I LOVE your collection of Alice S. designs. I will contribute mine later in the week. What a great idea for a thread! Thanks for starting it!!
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  3. Great idea!! Thanks for starting this thread!! :tup::tup:

    Your collection is fabulous!! I love every one!! :love:
  4. A great idea! I only have an UTW twilly at the moment, but hope to fix that soon. Love that pocket square Appaloosa. Do you have a mod shot of it by chance?
  5. Alice Shirley is my absolute favourite Hermes scarf designer :smile:
    Hers are the only designs I have in mousselines, they just translate across so perfectly! You have a beautiful collection MissIn!
  6. so far just one, but imho, one of the best! i am biased, i know, but i am in love with my Tygeress :love:

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  8. My only Alice Shirley design for now


    I really regret to have missed the 90 cm format of Dans un jardin anglais.
    I'm still hesitating on the Apaloosa gavroche : I think the design is lovely on this size but did not had a crush for the colors palette used.
  9. Thanks, ladybaga! Looking forward to seeing your AS collection!

    Thanks Hermes Nuttynut! Glad you like the thread!
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  10. Oh how I wish I got my hands on the UTW twilly! Got any action pics of your twilly? Will post a mod shot of the pocket square later in the week :smile:
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  11. Yay, AS fans united! Her mousselines are gorgeous! Would love to see your moussie collection!!

    Beautiful scarf, ksuromax!
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  13. I pretty much drool at every English Garden scarf and yours is just so cute as a pocket square! Kinda wish I got more formats of it since it’s one of my fav AS designs. That’s too bad none of the Appaloosa pocket square CW speak to you, the design is so intricate in this small format!
  14. image.jpeg Here's my AS jewel! Wore it yesterday with a heather end teal cashmere sweater and felt pleased with myself all day!
  15. I have tried different CW of the Appaloosa pocket square...
    IMG_7270.jpg IMG_7003.JPG IMG_8079.JPG

    I really love the first one but I have gifted it to a very dear friend, so I'm not sure about having another one from me. The last one is lovely but I do not think it suits my skin tone very much.
    I totally agree with you, this design looks so good on this format. I would probably have to try some other CW (hard job!).