Scarves Alice Shirley Fan Club

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  2. Just wanted to share the original colorway that Alice Shirley submitted to Hermes for Jaquar Quetzal that she posted on Instagram today. Shame that it wasn't produced. :sad:

    I love the use of purple and blues in this! :heart:
  3. This colourway is awesome & TDF!!!
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  4. Absolutely love. I would definitely get that.
  5. This SHOULD have been done. Better for me then all the CSGM options.
  6. oh wow, that is so the colors! what a shame it was not made :sad::confused1:
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  7. Thanks for posting this weN84! I agree that Hermes should have produced this CW
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  8. Shame it was not made!!! So beautiful!! :love:
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  9. Here's mine in CSGM 05
    downloadfile-203.jpg downloadfile-207.jpg downloadfile-98.jpg
  10. Love the feather!!! Gorgeous!
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  11. My jaguar bracelet color 75 quadrich. Same as the scarf cw02.
    20180109_110135.jpg 20180109_110143.jpg 20171205_103015.jpg
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  12. want...
    as a CSGM...
    pretty please!!!

    Thanks for posting!
  13. Yeah- this would have been a great CW.

    Beautiful ksuromax and mimi!
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  14. Here's my CW 01 JQ from the other day in SOTD: