***Action Shots! Let's see your CLs on the move!***

  1. Bella! You have a MINI too? I have a hyper blue/white roof 05 S. I love my car but it's hard to drive in heels.
  2. Nice to see people from the forum spending time together. You all look super comfy.
  3. This is a wedding day action shot
  4. OMG I love that shot, so so beautiful!
  5. Hey R! You look beautiful! I know you had a great time!:biggrin:

    I love it June!

    Gorgeous! I hope you had a great birthday dezy!

    gheaden I love all your wife's action shots! Thank you for sharing!

    Lovely mal, schock and L&A! I hope you all had a great day!

    Kamilla there are no words for that stunningly beautiful picture! :girlsigh:
  6. dezy.... gorgeous shot!

    kamilla... best wishes, a lovely picture and a beautiful bride
  7. kamilla that picture is just amazing! congratulations!!

    shock what a fun pic of you three!
  8. thank you girls!

    shock- such a cute pic!!!

    kamilla-what a gorgeous shots! Congratulations!!!
  9. kamilla, so stunning!!!

    mal, shock, l&a-adorable shot!
  10. Love the shots girls!!! Where were you girls?

    kam you are STUNNING!!!! Love that photo.
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    Thank you for all the lovely comments ladies :ty: It is so sweet. I finally got the pro photos from our photographer and he took some really beautiful shots. He really liked the shoes and took a lot of focused shots of the shoes, here are some of his artsy photos
  12. ^Stunning!:love:
  13. gorgeous....
  14. Wow, I really love them all. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful day! :heart:
  15. and although this is not an action shot, this is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding so I would like to share it as well