***Action Shots! Let's see your CLs on the move!***

  1. cts, Such a nice pic with your daughter. I also love your avatar...so cute :smile:
  2. Thank you Dez and September (my birthday month!)!! She and her brother both got bitten by the CL bug early. I am in trouble :biggrin:.
  3. cts, that is too cute for words.

    And thank you, I love that skirt too! I may have to get it in another color, lol.
  4. j'adore, bambolina!!

    cts that is just too adorable!!
  5. Cts, Awwww!! that pic is so so adorable and sweet . Lately my daughter (19 months) just want to wear my heels around the house and if I take them off is like a fight. LOL!!
  6. louboutinlawyer, Aww that's so sweet, thank you dear!
    I got them from Holt's and yes, I was admiring them almost drooling when my SA came over and asked "Would you like me to go get the 36.5 for you?"

    ikaesmallz Thank you so much, you're a darling!

    cts900 Hehe I look a little bit too proud of my Loubies, don't I? ;)
    And I absolutely LOVE your action shot, too cute!

    mal They're 36.5, would that work? ;)

    phiphi Merci mon amie!
  7. Still loving the nude acid bambolina!

    Cute cts!
  8. aw, shucks Bambolina- I guess you're safe...
  9. indy: thanks, sweetie :smile:. get that skirt in every color...it is fantastic!
    phi: thank you so much. i have to agree...she is the cutest ;).
    sobe: wait until she's 3! i have to hide my shoes from my son or else he takes them over!! it's precious when they do it, isn't it?
    bam: thank you! i think you look sultry....
    lilmiss: thank you, dear :tender:.
  10. I was taking a picture of the dustbag beautifully made by Girl6


    and my sister wanted in on the shot to show off her fluro pink mani


    Here we are later that night

  11. Lav - I love that you and your sis are so close! I hope one day that my sis and I are as close as your sis and you! I love your pythons and your sis' fluro pink nails look pimp! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks E!
  13. cute shots lav~!! I :heart: the siggy on them!
  14. Lav, such cute pics!
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    bambolina: Love those nude acids! And I'm also loving the eye makeup in your pic, too!

    dezynerbaglaydee: Great outfits!

    cts: Too cute!

    Lav: You can tell your sister her nails look hot! And how awesome that your pythons are autographed, too!

    indypup: Love the "action in CVS" shot! What a great first pic for the new thread!

    lvpiggy: What gorgeous shoes and pedis!

    melia: Awwww! Happy New Year!