***Action Shots! Let's see your CLs on the move!***

  1. indy: Totaly action shot! love it!

    Dezy: you look great! love the outfit!

    Ivpiggy: Love that shot! Worthy of a double post! :smile: and love the hermes with Cl combo!

    melia: Cute shot with your mom! 2 stylish cheeka's on the move!
  2. My Nude Acid Python VP's out on Friday night.


  3. bambolina.... they are fantastic!!
  4. Grazie Bella! :smile:
  5. indy, great shot of your iverness!

    LV... what can I say... gorgeous!!

    Melia... that shot is SUPER CUTE!! I didn't realize in the catwalk thread that you were with Mom! Aidee shoma mobarak!!
  6. Dezy, looking great!

    Piggy, love that combo!

    Melia, those pants are wicked. I love your style!

    Bambolina, you're gorgeous! Love those nude acid pythons..i always go admire them when I'm at Holts :biggrin:
  7. Prego bella donna!
  8. piggy I love love love the pic of you and panda!

    dezy those ADs are hot with the outfit!!

    melia the pants with those CLs are just meant to be!

    bambolina you are so pretty! Lovin those VPs!!
  9. Thank you Bella, clothingguru, canary, and lilmiss!

    Ahh, I love everyone's action shots!!
  10. thank you girls!

    everyone looks so great!
  11. indy: LOVE that skirt!
    Dez: You look so chic!
    lv: that piggy/panda mix up is so fun :biggrin:.
    mel: the mom and daughter shot made me smile. so sweet.
    bam: i love the expression on your face!!

    Here is my "mom and daughter" shot--me with my 9-month-old today when I got home from work.

  12. love the action shots sexy chic's!

    Cts: How cute!!!!! She's already getting into them! Haha i find that when im around little kids with some of my Cl's (the bright ones) They try to grab my toes and shoes! haha its cute! Startin young...oh no your in for trouble!

    DH says he doesnt want to have a girl when we have kids because she will end up being more expensive than me!! haha i always tell him we would make him bankrupt!
  13. ^^Thanks, sweetie. I think you and your DH are both right. It's gonna be a loooooong 18 years :biggrin:. I will love every expensive moment of it!
  14. great action, everyone!
    bambolina, I am so jealous of the Nude Acid VP... if they happen to be 37.5, you better keep an eye on them... :graucho:
  15. cts900- thank you! and your pic with your little girl is priceless. I love it.