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  1. I've already posted the same story a while back.:upsidedown:
  2. An aquaintance of mine had one of these years ago. At least it looked like this. It was very aggressive. I think she had to order a special food for it and it also ate raw meat I believe. I think she paid around 5,000
  3. wwwooowww!!! that is amazing...but not for 22k :sad:
  4. the one i just posted? that's weird. I searched TPF before posting and didn't see it, also the story is dated yesterday 2/5/2008
  5. This one supposedly has a great temperament according to the website, but also includes a "10 Year consultation access to an internationally recognized animal behaviorist" LOL what is that all about? I still want one badly!!!
  6. no crazy gigantic kitties for me. What do they use as a scratch post? Your walls? I think I will stick to my golden!
  7. That looks like it belongs in the wild not in my house.
  8. I don't like cats, but that one is a beaut
  9. Just when you thought the pet world could not get any more stupid......it does. I have HAD IT with the "Designer Pets." It really makes me sick.

    Plus that kitty could easily kick my dog's a$$!
  10. Darn, it's almost the same price as my new car! It's a cute animal, but no way I'd pay that for a pet.
  11. gosh! that's roght, you could buy a car! i was reading the website. It's so ridiculous...it sounds like they're selling a car or something!!!

    "new in 2008, the ashera GD...an even rarer hypoallerenic version"

    "a premium placement option is avalible and will expedite your kitty delivery by 6 months"

    "the ashera is proced at 22,000 plus any applicable sales tax"

    "provided with a certificate of authenticity"

    "total cost of delivery is 1500"

    " few selected kittens are available earlier for an additional cost of $6,000"

    THERE"S SALES TAX??!!:wtf:

    this is just sad:sad:
  12. I would never spend that much! I agree, I rather adopt my cats then buy them.
  13. I work at an animal shelter and one of the women who volunteers there said that if cats got up to 30 lbs they'd try to kill us and eat us. :nuts: This thing would probably watch you in your sleep, waiting, watching...

    "Well, for all that money, at least now you can get the yappy Chihuahua next door to finally shut up." HAHAHA

    They're cool, but I don't agree with creating super special expensive breeds, especially since I work at a shelter and we get plenty of huuuge, beautiful cats that you can adopt for like $100.
  14. Legs? Faces? :lol:
    It must have large claws.

    It's beautiful, but I'd also rather adopt cats than pay that kind of money for one (if I had that kind of money to spend on one, that is).
  15. does this cat have more than 9 lives? :confused1: