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  1. Beautiful cat! Don't you just want one? Me, I think I'd go for the cat they engineered to not give me allergies! (achoo!)


    "It's no great shock that cat lovers can get a little excessive when it comes to their feline friends. But one company, banking on the fact there are more than a few prospective pet owners willing to part with some serious ka-ching for a kitten, is selling a designer breed of cat that costs $22,000.
    The Ashera, bred by Los Angeles-based Lifestyle Pets, "is a new ultra-exotic breed of domestic cat that already has wealthy animal devotees paying to get on the waiting list," the company press release claims."

  2. gorgeous but the price is ridiculous
  3. Wow he is beautiful!!!
    I hate when they turn pets into designer expensive accessories though. JMO
  4. Huh. He is pretty and I'm sure I'd love him to pieces (b/c I love all animals), but I don't know. Something seems "off" about this business of breeding a domestic cat so large and charging so much money.

    Still, I guess, if someone would love him and give him a good home and has that kind of money to afford him, it's okay.
  5. $22K? Nice looking cat, but no thanks! I'll stick to my adoptive non designer kitties that I love dearly!
  6. Very pretty, but there are so many other wonderful cats waiting on 'death row' at the pound or at the local animal shelter that it seems a shame to spend such a large amount on a "designer" cat.
  7. Agreed. The cat is stunning, but the price tag and concept is just silly. I'm sick of animals being accessories or viewed as "designer" or "exotic." No thank you, I'll continue adopting animals that actually need homes.
  8. OMG it is beautiful, but I think I'll stick to the princess that I got for free :love:
  9. gorgeous...but so are the bunches of kitties at shelters. and the love is all the same, no matter what you pay. :heart:
  10. man, the 6 pound cat that my ex had drove me absolutely insane, i think i'll stay away from a giant one...
  11. Uuum. Interesting, but with the new gene technology new "ready to wear" pets each "season" may be scarily close and that's not really a good thing.

  12. ITA:yes:
  13. ^^Me, three!
  14. ditto! *hugs & kisses her precious rescued cat millie who she loves DEARLY*
  15. :yes:

    That cat reminds me of a serval but it is prettier. My Dh did some work for a man who has two servals (savannah cats) so I got to meet them. They are insanely huge and breathtaking to look at but high-maintenance and plus it's not fair on them to keep them indoors, IMO.