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  1. And I kinda get bit sad when I hear all these 'Designer Dogs' or 'Hybrid Dogs', too... I don't really understand why we need to do this...:s
  2. Wow, that is probably the only cat I'd want in my home, I dont have pets but I tend to be a dog person.
  3. I'm quite sure that is a Bengal. They are domesticated cats bred with the Asian Leopard cat.
    About 5 years ago one was sold in UK for £6k as it was a F2 one.
    Here is a small piece I have copied and pasted from wikipedia. It's too late trying to explain what F2 means, so hope this explains:

    The first three generations of these hybrid animals are referred to as the filial, or "foundation" generations. A Bengal cat with an ALC parent is called an F1 Bengal, short for first filial. An F1 then bred with domestic male yields an F2, or second filial. Kittens from an F2 female and another domestic cat are then termed F3. Kittens from a subsequent F3 mating with a domestic are F4s. The F4 and later generations are considered domestic cats, are designated as Stud Book Tradition (SBT) Bengals, and can be shown and registered. Any SBT Bengal is at least four generations removed from the ALC. Filials (F1-F3) are typically reserved for breeding purposes or the specialty pet home environment.

    I totally agree with it being alot of money tho for just one cat when there are so many out there that need homes! All four of my babies are from rescue centres. :yes:
  4. Aww hes such a pretty cat! :smile:
  5. Wtf!:wtf: the world it's coming to an end!
  6. OMG I want one of these cats, so gorgeous.
  7. That is awesome. I would love one of those. I can tell you one thing. Your neighbors won't like it. My ex had a Lynx (about 40lbs) he would walk in Central Park. Idiots with pitbulls and other dogs would always start crap with him. So one day he let the Lynx off its leash and it kicked the crap out of the pitbull! His claws were like razors. Blood was everywhere. The Lynx came away untouched. Then the guy says he was going to sue my ex. So the guy ended up calling the humane society and they took it away to a sanctuary in upstate NY. All in all, I don't think people are prepared to have big cats in their homes... or at least their neighbors aren't.
  8. That cat is beautiful! :heart: Where I am at, we have tons of stray calico cats. I rather give them a home than to spend $22K on just one cat. Unfortuately over here, due to lack of space, SPCA do put the strays down. So thanks but no thanks.
  9. I sooo agree with everyone else - why spend $22k on a designer cat when there are so many wonderful kitties in shelters who need homes? Anyone seriously considering this needs a reality check - adopt a homeless cat and donate the $22k to that shelter to save more lives!!!
  10. I've heard about these cats, they're suppose to have a lot of tiger in them. Very beautiful! I'd still rather have a regular house cat from a shelter.
  11. crazy!
    all the lovely cats in rescue that need homes

    boooo hoooooo

    its another designer accesory

    some people in india work 12 hours a day just to get paid in rice which is only enough to feed there family for one day

    mad world!
  12. well said, ITA. i'd get a death row animal (cat, dog etc) over a "designer" pet anyday!
  13. That's a Savannah. Savannahs are the interbreeding of a serval and a domesticated cat.

    A F1 Savannah will probably run you around 3-5k, which is still exorbitantly expensive.. but this guy is a scam artist.
  14. Paris Hilton will get one & then forget about in a day or two.
  15. LifeStyle Pets is actually being investigated now, apparently a breeder is claiming to have sold them some Savannahs and they resold them as "Asheras" :tdown: I am interested in hearing how the investigation turns out. Just from looking online I think the Ashera cats (from the pics on the site that sells them anyway) look a lot larger than the Savannah cats. Either way, I think they are beautiful and I would love to have one.