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  1. Well-put! Shelters could desperately use that money. Once there are no more homeless pets, then it might make more sense to experiment with exotic breeds:smile: He sure is handsome...but so's Mr. Guy (my little orange tabby):love:
  2. That cat is hugely tall!!
  3. awesome.. it looks like a mini leopard...
  4. Ok, was anyone else distracted by the weird ugly shoes the woman is wearing in the photo??

    Yeah, I know, I'm shallow, it's just - it seems so wrong to be wearing flip-flops while standing next to a $22,000.00 cat!
  5. I'd love it if this were all a hoax and it was actually just some little kid dressed up as an adult standing next to a regular cat.
  6. Gorgeous cat, but for some reason it reminds me of the show "When Good Pets Go Bad.":s
  7. The cat is gorgeous and Im not a big fan of cats.

    Im interested to see what type of "luxury" dog they're planning, but whatever breed they develop it will be solely base on marketing tactics to push the price up.
  8. crazyyyyy price tag