ZCP or Rosalie for DD's bday present

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  1. DD has a key holder, preloved pochette and preloved Speedy 25. I would like to get her a smaller wallet for her Sweet 16 Bday and wondering which one would be best for her. I always try to think of these types of presents as forever presents that she will have as she gets older, as well.
  2. From the two you mentioned I would go for the rosalie coin purse, although both coin purses are relatively small.
    Maybe the zoe would be a good fit? It is more of a compact wallet.
    Also you can have the wallet hotstamped with her initials which is great for forever pieces!
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  3. Rosalie!
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  4. Zcp
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    I have the Rosalie coin purse and the Zoe. I think it depends on if she really likes cash any. I don’t so the Rosalie ended up being perfect (i just throw my cards in the middle spot) i don’t put coins in either wallet.

    i can’t comment on the zippy, i don’t quite like the bulky style.
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  6. I like the simplicity of the ZCP.
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  7. I'd look at her current wallet - the zcp and rosalie are so different and personally I don't like the zip around style of wallet.
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  8. I have both and I like the Rosalie better, just because it’s not as bulky as the ZCP and fits into smaller bags better. I do want to point out that the button on the Rosalie wears out fast. I’ve had it for a little over a year and the rose ballerina color on the button is starting to wear out and the SA told me it’s a known issue and I can get it replace if I want.
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  9. Thanks, everyone! Great idea comparing it to her current wallet and then can make a better decision. I also love the idea of getting it hot stamped!
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  10. Let us know what you end up choosing!
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  11. I bought a ZCP for my then 16 year-old last year. She uses it daily and loves it. I have a RCP to add to her collection for Christmas.
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  12. I tried looking to see what wallet she has been using and couldn’t find it. So, I got a $20 from my wallet and told her I was going to surprise her and put it in her wallet but couldn’t find it. It turns out she has been using the cles as her wallet. So, I am “on the $” w her needing a wallet and know need to narrow it down.

    I am leaning now towards Victoriane since I think she really needs a real wallet. I would never have thought this if it wasn’t for that suggestion!
  13. Or Zoe?
    Which do you like better Zoe or Victorane?
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  14. Zoe is excellent but if she has lot of store loyalty cards I would opt for the Victorine wallet honestly,
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  15. ZCP. I really like my ZCP. Never expected to fall in love with a zip around wallet. But I love the security of it, and I like to carry cash. So ended up getting both the ZCP and Clemence last year. Couldn't be happier.
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