yup, i went a bit mad...

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  1. actually, kellykapoor, i really love the shoulder strap, because i put my laptop in the edith and it gets heavy if hand-held. it works really well.:tup:
  2. Do you hang it on your shoulder or cross-body? Thanks for answering :tup:
  3. actually, i've been using it cross-body, so that i can walk around easier hands-free. life is hard running around ny when you don't have the use of both your hands!
  4. I lived in Manhattan before I moved West. Oh how I miss it! :crybaby:

    Thanks for letting me know about the bag. I am convinced. ;)
  5. Great choices! I own 4 Chloes. 2 of them are python. I am a little mad also.
  6. Gorgeous collection! I won't mind to own any one of them.
  7. What a collection!! I love the vanilla!
  8. Wow...love them all. And all of the colors are on my wish list. Well, actually the grenat wasn't but is now!
  9. lovely collection. :biggrin:
  10. Going mad is GOOD! I'm planning on going crazy @ LV in a while :graucho:

    And I LOVE Paddy's! I definitely want one once.
  11. I want your collection right now :yahoo:
    Great !!!!!!! :okay:
  12. lovely colours
  13. Wow - I have four Chloes with two being python as well. We must love that texture! But I will have my fifth one any day now - except that I'll have to wait until Xmas to open it up. I'm trying to JUSTIFY!
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