yup, i went a bit mad...

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  1. They are gorgeous BG! You have a very drool worthy collection! :drool::drool::drool: Excuse me!
  2. yes, i'm making a couple of cutbacks... the craie was a bit pricier than the others - looks in better condition too - but i had to have her! :heart::love: and i'm in a transitional stage right now so i have to be less greedy and more practical. the grenat is so gorgeous, but it was between grenat and chocolate, and i'm NEVER giving up my chocolate! and the vanilla color is TDF but the craie is in better condition, and financially at the moment i can only keep one white/off-white... i hope i'll find good homes for her :sad:.

    hopefully craie will arrive soon enough so i can take a whole family pic before i lose some of them. i thought i'd take their pictures first :P.


  3. oh, don't tell me, amacasa!! have you been using your grenat?!

    it didn't sell for awhile, so i picked up my grenat and modelled it for myself and you know what, the color works a lot better than i initially thought it would... :P grenat is pretty hot, huh? it makes me feel less nerdy carrying something that gorgeous. i re-listed one last time, but if it doesn't sell this time around i might just keep it, debt be damned! :graucho: so we'll be carrying grenat sisters.
  4. Was grenat from a particular season or are they still aoround? I haven't seen any on the website I've been cruising...
  5. grenat's from 2005, i think they discontinued that color afterwards but you can check with other tPFers. you probably won't see it for sale on the store websites anymore.
  6. You are quite the Paddy girl! I love them all.
  7. boo!! They should bring this color back!!! I LOVE it...... not at all an ebayer though, so unlikely one will ever come my way.
  8. I :heart: your Grenat paddy:love: :drool::drool::drool:
  9. :P just for fun, some closeups of the grenat...:heart:
    she's gorgeous, isn't she?

    Attached Files:

  10. she is stunning!!:heart:
  11. I did use it for 2 straight weeks then off to my canelle.
    Now i am carrying a cream front pocket...
    listen, bluegenes, the grenats are hard to come by and such a pretty color. I am actually looking for a grenat balenciaga now . LOL
    I really really suggest you keep it and enjoy it for a couple of months ( good color for fall) :graucho:
    If it doesn't really work for you ( I doubt that) then relist it.

    I will need to take a picture of my small chloe collection as we have exactly the same number of bags ... almost...

    But, my camel shopper is in new york being repaired as one of the rivets came unsnapped.????
    I can't wait for them to ship it back to me!!!

    I just noticed you are from New York... maybe you should tell them to hurry up?? :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  12. I love your collection! And you definitely should keep grenat! theres no red like it :heart:
  13. Hi BlueGenes!! Love the Grenat!;);) You have a gorgeous collection!
  14. Love them all!:heart::nuts:
    Keep them all, i say. At least so i can :drool: over the pics!;)
  15. Have you been using the shoulder strap on Edith? Trying to decide if I need it. And lovely collection :heart:
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