yup, i went a bit mad...

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  1. hi everybody!

    just wanted to show off my crazy chloe collection:

    whiskey edith messenger
    grenat paddy
    choco paddy
    vanilla paddy
    muscade paddy (baby!)

    i got them all this year :rolleyes:. and craie is on her way!
    chloe family pic.jpg
  2. Wow, nice! I :heart: the choco paddy... What color is craie?

  3. craie is "chalk" or white, with subtle flesh undertones (i THINK, according to what other ppl have said) - i'll post pics when she arrives in the mail this week !
  4. Love the collection. Love the edith in whiskey. That and my teal edith are my fav bags this year.
  5. Lovely collection....you should be very proud!
  6. :nuts: WOW~ They are so pretty!!! CONGRATS :woohoo:

    I love craie :heart:
  7. love that collection bluegenes!! can't wait to see the craie :heart:
  8. Nice collection!
  9. Beautiful colour choices... yummy bags...
  10. Wow what a great selection you have!! I see that you are making a cutback tho?
  11. bluegenes, i say keep the grenat!!!:graucho::graucho:
    congrats, love them all!!!:nuts::nuts:
    you have to do modelling pics next time!!!
  12. Your collection is TDF, I'm loving them all! :love:And you will love craie too:yes: Ooh and I'm so jealous of the vanilla paddy!
  13. Congrats to this beautiful collection !
  14. Beautiful collection!! congrats!!
  15. Love them all, but the grenat is my fav!!