Yummy Bays

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  1. Please please post pics when it comes!
  2. Absolutely gorgeous - didn't realise it came in this colour. Really a very lovely bag - looking forward to see pictures of it IRL.
  3. Has it arrived yet? Sorry.....just desperate for pics to drool over!
  4. So heartbroken it arrived today but had an awful mark (what I can only assume was a display item and someone with dirty of greasy hands touched it : ( )

    I am consoling myself by saying it would have been better with silver hw.

    I can honestly say I will not be shopping online with selfridges again. x
  5. That is awful! Sounds like they've launched this website way too quickly if all they're sending out is used items from the shop floor! :nono:

    Oh well, .com have it on now :smile:
  6. Feeling quite sad now : (
  7. Thats such a shame and must have been a huge disappointment. Ive heard other people have issues with selfridges - wasn't it poppy who got an Alexa with a huge scratch and no shoulder strap?
  8. Oh poor you! I hope you find something else. Always so disappointing when one has been looking forward to something.
  9. It's new isn't it? I haven't seen it before, so maybe it will start appearing in other places and you can get on from somewhere else?

    It's a really beautiful colour, it's making me want to get another bays!
  10. sorry to hear about this but its in store everywhere now so go choose yourself a beauty they are tdf!!!!
  11. Thanks all, sadly I live in Tunbridge Wells and despite having a Fenwicks and Hoopers they have very little choice x Need a trip to London x