Yummy Bays

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  1. It was even showing my dream purse next to it! It's a sign
  2. Go for it- I would except the colour is too similar to my purple one!!
  3. A gorgeous looking bays - the plum colour looks similar to rouge noir. Go for it!
  4. Oeer, Im dying to see what this looks like IRL. Please post pics if you get it soon.... Looks divine. S
  5. Very nice! Good luck resisting, lol xx
  6. i was looking at this too it looks lovely.
  7. It's bloomin gorgeous!
  8. such a beautiful colour. So are you going to order it ;)
  9. I seen this one in HoF Dundrum yesterday. It is divine. The colour is just perfect. The leather is gorgeous. Especially when it was surrounded by spongy patent ,which is doing nothing for me.
  10. oh man that is absolutely gorgeous - one of my favourite colours actually i'd say about a third of my clothes are that colour! did you order it?
  11. Its gorgeous, I saw it on the mulberry site and it really struck me!
  12. i like this one to!
  13. It's lovely perfect shade isn't it, not too pink not too purple - Bays or Alexa that will be my question!

    Did you order it!??
  14. delish!