Yummy Bays

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  1. OH, it would be perfect with silver hardware...
  2. HOF Nottingham have these in stock- lovely colour-also had nude ruby bays steel and red bays etc- in fact most fo the new bags- and a black alexa which I just about managed to leave there- sigh
  3. ^^ What was the leather like at the red and steel bays? Have not seen them over here yet...
  4. ^^^The ones I seen Annaswe were in spongy patent in these colours. It is very shiny . Like a shimmery shiny if that makes sense. It is not doing it for me at all.
  5. I agree cmaec didnt like the spongy leather at all- the buffalo bays were gorgeous though
  6. I saw the plum Bays at HoF yesterday. The colour was much more vibrant irl than in the Selfridges pics. The leather is lovely, very thick and sturdy.

    I do think it would look better with silver h/w though!
  7. Ooo nice colour!

    Slightly OT but... Selfridges sells online? Bad. No. I should not have discovered this!:P
  8. It has been ordered uh oh! x
  9. :yahoo: !!! Please post piccies when you get it!
  10. exciting!
  11. Wow, yes, please can you post pics so we can see what it looks like irl?
  12. I saw this today in the Mulberry Selfridges, it is SUCH a lovely colour... I may be tempted... :biggrin:
  13. Oh congrats, I bet you can't wait for it to arrive!

    Please post pics when it arrives :yahoo:
  14. Fab colour - love it :heart:
  15. Wow, that is a gorgeous color! I say go for it!!