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  1. YSL HK sale just began on 4 Dec 09. Initially, certain selected items will be sold at 30% discount. :biggrin:
  2. They have an amazing Jade Muse for $999. Look like stuff is around 30% off.
  3. yes. i visited today too. some muse (medium, large), muse 2, downtown and bow bags etc..

    i was tempted by a natural python muse.. wish i got the $$ :P
  4. billbill- Do you know how much the Large Muse was on sale for at the HK store?
  5. Do the patent black belle de jour clutches ever go on sale and is that a good evening bag? TIA!
  6. I really really want the camel tributes from the ysl.com sale! They don't ship to the UK though, is there any way to get them from there or any boutique or anything? ah
  7. i tried a grey patent one.. around $12xxx if recall correctly.
  8. I´m looking for a Besace! Is it possible to find one on sale?
  9. Do you think there will be any downtowns on sale this season? Last season I swear I spotted a few on American website like Saks, but so far nothing, even on the YSL website, no downtowns on sale. I&#8217;m getting scared for the UK sale; I hope there is a not slim pickings, I was looking forward to a bonanza.
  10. Pardon me, but what is the purpose of this thread then?
  11. #42 Dec 10, 2009
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2009
    ^I posted the suggestion to call a boutique because even though I started the thread, I'm not in a position to answer the many many questions that are being posed here about what is included in the sale. I don't work for YSL and don't have a stock list. (Not many other members seem to be posting answers either, perhaps because they don't know or don't care, or perhaps because they feel other members can get their own questions answered by looking at ysl.com, going to a boutique, or calling on the phone.) I was trying to be helpful in suggesting that members' time might be better spent making a quick phone call to a boutique, rather than waiting around for an answer to this thread. Sale merchandise is limited and goes fast, and if a member really wants something from the sale, they need to move on it right away, particularly since this YSL sale is much smaller than last December's, with far fewer bags included. In the past, these December sale threads have been very popular. (Last year's ran 48 pages and had more than 700 posts.) Members typically post news about what inventory they've seen and where, pictures from their SAs, what items they are considering buying, when the next markdown is, etc., and many questions too, of course. The fact that this December sale thread is full of mostly questions--not answers and information--is no fault of mine. Substantive contributions are always welcome.
  12. Thank you for starting this thread, Cosmo.

    Personally, I use the sale threads as a jumping off point, not as a place to find specific merchandise. I've learned that nothing, ultimately, takes the place of finding a good SA, whether that be in the boutiques or at a department store. Preferably both if you're a true brand devotee.

    I called my SA about the customer appreciation sale, since a tPfer posted from NYC about it. She was shocked that I even knew about a sale that hadn't been publicized yet, but she sure remembered to call me for it.

    That's how these threads are useful -- a place to find out about POSSIBLE specifics, not to wait around and see what specific items are on sale.

    IMHO, of course. :P
  13. Anybody know about the shoes??? Anyone have an SA's email that send pics or will?
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