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  1. none of the bags onsale????? awww
  2. ^Thanks for taking the time to post these!
  3. I was in the store yesterday (NYC 57th street) and appears there is much more on sale in the store. The best was the python muse (cream). Someone should defintiely snatch that up. Also, there are more shoes on sale...i scored the grey suede booties. Let me know if you need an SA to speak to there.
  4. Thanks I ordered the YSL Camel tributes online
  5. thanks for posting!!
  6. Is the chocolate brown oversize muse - calfskin leather ever on sale?????

    I think it was on sale for the customer appreciation day but I missed it. will it ever be on sale again?
  7. Am having difficulties posting photos so I am gonna list when my SA sent me:

    (See attached file: Black 32 leather $1,149 011.jpg)(See attached file:
    Gray Downtown suede Croco $1,299 002.jpg)(See attached file: Degrade Muse
    II $1,599 005.jpg)(See attached file: Brown Degrade Bow $1,399 015.jpg)
    (See attached file: Large Black leather Bow $ $1,149 012.jpg)(See
    attached file: Large Suede embossed Lizard Muse in Ivory,blue and white
    $$1,099 007.jpg)

    Do give Michael at Houston YSL a buzz if you fancy anything from there - (713)840-7006
  8. YSL boutique in Madrid have some styles 50% off
  9. do ysl wallets ever go on sale?
  10. Yes, especially in seasonal colors
  11. Reiterating again, for everyone with questions about what's included in the sale, three little words:

    Call a boutique :yes:
    Call a boutique :yes:
    Call a boutique :yes:

    You get answers faster (and more accurate) than posting here and then waiting and hoping that some tPF member will have the info. that you are looking for.

    It's not scary to call. Yes, they are busy, but if you are polite and straightforward about what items you are looking for, they generally will help you, at least in my experience. Try it! Lots of good sale stuff to be had. :happydance:

  12. can you please let me know when you have more info
    i really want a brown OS MUSE =(
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