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  1. It's that time of year again, the BIG annual sale at Yves Saint Laurent boutiques and on YSL.com. :yahoo:

    The private sale begins Monday, November 30, and the public sale begins Thursday, December 3.

    Please use this thread to chat about the sale, or to post news or inventory updates that you are aware of, at YSL boutiques and on YSL.com. Of course feel free to start a reveal thread to show off your sale goodies!

    *** All other sale news--at department stores, other online retailers, authentic eBay finds--should remain in the regular sale thread that is stickied at the top of this subforum: http://forum.purseblog.com/yves-saint-laurent/sales-and-deals-on-ysl-items-407175.html ***

    Thank you, and happy shopping! :graucho:


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  2. I new to this so I was wondering how does the private/public sale work on YSL.com?
  3. So am I...

    Also...looking for a Besace on sale. Not sure what color I'm looking for as I am open at this point. Let me know if you gals see one around!
  4. Can't wait for the sale!!! I'm eyeing on Muse or Muse Two!!! Hopefully there will be some on sale..
  5. Is there a standard % off for these sales or does it depend on the item?
  6. dang why isn't San Francisco there??
  7. Private sale typically means you can go into the boutique and place your presale order in advance.

    Last year I believe first cut was 30 percent.

    Really the fastest way to get accurate answers to such questions is to phone one of the boutiques; #s listed above. :yes::yes::yes:
  8. Anybody have a list of shoes?
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  11. So here's what I've found out regarding which Muse bags are included:

    Blue suede/lizard embossed
    Brown (large and oversize)
    Grey suede/lizard embossed (large and oversize)
    A patent green (large)

    Discount is 30% off

    I'm SO bummed they don't have the eggplant Muse :sad:
  12. yah im looking for the shoe list as well
  13. love2shop_26 is that the chocolate brown oversize in buffalo leather that's on sale? if so which YSL store is this at?

  14. No, it's the brown suede/lizard print only.
  15. I just rang Michael of Chicago branch up - he said that Easy bags are not on sale. BUMMER. :sad: Anyone know where I can get them on sale? Nordstrom only has it in grey and blue.

    He also mentioned that he will send along some photos of the sale bags. Will share them when I get them! :smile:
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