YSL Arty rings thread!

  1. Yeah...I keep saying no more too but it just doesn't stop coming haha!
  2. I work overnight too and bought 2 arty rings as well! The things I buy sometimes at night... :p
  3. :roflmfao: Me too! Can't wait to see what you got!
  4. I own lapis one. I told myself one is enough. When I saw the big discount, I clicked to BUY:panic:OMG I just ordered 3!!!

    I was planning to return at least one but what if I keep them all...
  5. Get it! It's beautiful, so much better in real life, and it might just be me but the rose gold isn't a very obvious rose gold...
  6. Vintagerose, the ring on the left has "love" inscription on the band? I was digging some info and Japanese Madame Figaro site stated it was a limited edition which was only sold around March 2012.
    Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 11.27.43.png
  7. I have the same ring it is called the love ring, has a cerise glass stone and its engraved with the word love on the back of the band. It was a limited edition for valentines day in 2012 and it comes with a red satin pouch :smile:
  8. I got my black/gold arty yesterday from Saks. I noticed the YSL box of this one is bigger. Do they give out different boxes depending on the store?
  9. About a year ago I ordered a marine and a ice arty ring from ssense, the marine one came in a big box whereas the ice one came in the regular smaller box :p I think certain models come in those big boxes.
  10. I agree with Glamnatic, I ordred 2 silver arty's and one came in a big box and another in a smaller one.
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    Here's a picture of the turquoise and navy rings I have! The Turquoise is a Size 8 and fits my middle finger and the Navy is a Size 7 that I will wear on my ring finger, which is not as comfortable, but that's okay given the opportunity I had to purchase the navy one online! Be sure to post your new artys when they arrive too! :yes:

    Next on Arty wish list: the Love ring and the dark green stone with rose gold!!
    Arty picture.jpg
  12. Thank you ladies! Good to know :smile:
  13. Hi Crosi - my answer is exactly the same as Glamnatic's (thanks!) :smile: I actually missed out on purchasing the ring when it was first available in 2012, but being a new arty collector (can you believe I only started a month ago) I was determined to track one down! It is a very beautiful piece and definitely worth purchasing if you find one. Good luck!!! :smile:
  14. Omg that navy one is soooo cute!!! I was for sale in the outnet, but it only lasted a few hours and i couldn't grab my size...a comment i must make, is that i HATE, re sellers, because mysteriously after this ring was completely sold out at the outnet for 174, many of this navy rings appeared on eBay for over 300, which makes me so mad :sad:, its unfair for buyers that re sellers buy all these rings to get profit on ebay. Anyway, your rings are gorgeous!
  15. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: Congrats girl it is gorgeous!!! I will for sure post my rings when I get them :biggrin:

    My friend has both the rings you want in size 8. If she ever decides she doesn't want them I know who does :biggrin: