YSL Arty rings thread!

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  1. hi ladies, i only been in ysl forum once or twice and those times you guys has been very2 nice n helpfulll, i am looking and really2 loveee these 2 rings, is there anyway i can get it for discount prices or egc or something? please2 do let me know and pm me =) thank you so muuuchhh. and may i know if i have to choose 1, which one you would prefer? the one on the girl's finger or the small pic one? thank you in advnced ladies thxxx

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  2. I think I saw these on sale on Saks.com a few months ago. They are gorgeous! I do not know if these are still available. Have you tried the YSL outlets, like Woodbury Commons, etc?
  3. I have the one the girl is wearing in a leafy green and it is very stunning on! It also comes in the turquoise color if that is the color you're looking for. The one you posted is also very pretty on, you may have to try them on - they are quite bold - even the smaller one.
  4. thx u so much ladies, i called woodburry commons n they dont have these rings in stock and i called the bergdorf as well and they dont have these rings in stock as well...my bf located in sf, i would prefer a store where i dont have to pay the tax hiks because if im buying 2 rings, the taxes itself its gonna be 35$ =(
    thx u so much ladies, please do let me know if there is an event coming up in any dept store.
    ow and i have tried this on my hand and i love ittt =) the size is just perfect for cocktail ring =)
  5. how does sizing work...? im a size 10? japanese?
  6. Saks had the Ovale ring in silver during the winter chaos sale....it kept popping up online but never in my size.
  7. Instead of starting a new thread, I thought I would resurrect this one. Hope that's okay.

    I, too, am looking for the same YSL oval ring in post #1, preferably in either sage green or gunmetal. (I've attached images of both colors.)

    Online I have only been able to find the ring in turquoise and coral; I'm not wild about either of them. What I'm wondering is if the ring is still even being produced in other colors. Anyone know? While I would prefer sage or gunmetal, I am open to different colors -- aside from turquoise and coral, of course.

    Any help would be great, thanks!

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  8. ^Lately I have only been seeing the turquoise version online. The dark green was available earlier but I have not seen it for some time.
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    I really want the Turquoise one. Anyone have any ideas where I can locate one in LA? Also what size should I order if I end up getting one online? I Have smaller fingers.. I wonder if 6 is fine? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thank you
  10. Classicalbang - i believe there is pink as well.
  11. Does anyone know about sizing? Im ordering one on Saks.com now
  12. Got mine.. It is AMAZING. wow. I returned the size 6 and kept the 7 for my middle finger. SO amazing.

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  13. omg, where did you buy it from? i have been searching for weeks and i cant find it anywhere.
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