your worst christmas present of 2008 !?!

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  1. hello ladies, belated merry christmas. I know all of us have looney relatives who give terrible presents.

    So here's a thread devoted to the 2008 worst present you received this christmas... :P

    My sister in law (sweet looney that she is) was unable to come to our house this christmas, but sent presents over with my mother in law. The kids got normal presents, and I got a lovely calendar (normal) and a bag of grocery items (not normal) including:

    toilet paper!!!
    hand soap


    I am relieved she didn't come and give me this in person, I don't think my reaction/facial expression would have been the best....

    How about you guys - what did you score - can anyone top toilet paper ??? :roflmfao:
  2. Nothing yet... I have to wait till January 6th...
    Your SIL is a practical woman... and wanted to save you from doing basic grocery shopping for a week or so... so thoughtful of her..
  3. My gifts from my husband were a cheap picture frame, a pair of socks and a chocolate bar! Now can you see why!!!!!!!!
  4. Grocery items sounds very strange! :confused1:

    I'm tempted to say she may have gotten mixed up and you ended up with the wrong bag. :P

    It sounds terribly silly, but I can't think of the worst present I got this year. Everything I got I liked! :shame:Maybe I'm just easily pleased :roflmfao:
  5. I dont have large family so gifts will be few and what I got is J'adore pefume and body lotion and some kind of beauty box. All of this is normal and I am happy with it. I shall treat myself though soon to gifts!
  6. I didn't get anything odd this year. Everything I loved. I do enjoy hearing these stories, though. They are humorous. It's the thought that counts, right? LOL.
  7. I wouldn't consider grocery items to be that bad lol At least it isn't a spam lamp or something crazy like that
  8. How big was the chocolate bar and was it tasty???
  9. Oh dear - not even goods you can list on Ebay!!!
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    Fruitcake. I'm not kidding. Someone gave me fruitcake.:wacko:
  11. My late father used to come loaded down with gifts 'For Us' which he would immediately unwrap and start to devour! This included fruit cake and I don't see that as an abnormal gift at all.
  12. Toilet paper...? Wow. Are you sure she didn't send you the package meant for charity? They often ask for those kinds of items.

    I liked everything this year, but last year my mother gave me some dreadful couch cushions in the shape of cats. Now, I love cats, but these were quite ugly. Everytime she visits (not often, she's in another state) I drag them out and she comments on how well they have worn...:s
  13. Yes, you're right, it's really not abnormal at all, in the US sometimes people regard fruitcake as not as popular so it's sort of funny, I should remember that not everyone thinks so. My secret shame is also that I don't like mince pie :shame:

  14. I'm not fond of mince pies either! :P I love the smell of them, but not fond of eating them after I burnt myself on one just out of the oven once when I was little. I grabbed it off the cooling rack and took a huge bite!:rolleyes: Painful!
  15. I don't like mince pies either but did you know that you should eat one for each of the 12 days of Christmas in order to be lucky with money for the next year?