Your thoughts on Red bags.........

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  1. I love red bags. Especially darker shades of red like the rouge red Balenciaga color from 2004. Still searching for a B-bag in that color (hopefully this fall they'll return to the old leather). Deep, dark shades of red IMO are a classy way to spice up an outfit yet still look professional/mature.
  2. I have a red Epi St. Tropez and i love it. When i carry it, i usually wear neutral color or black/white. I try not to wear it with green/purple/pink
  3. i don't have alot of color in my wardrobe. i wear mostly neutrals, so i love to have bright colored bags and shoes for that pop factor (red, turquoise, yellow, green). my favorite is red... and i love all shades of the red family... burgandy, magenta, pink. red bags really makes a statement. it says "here i am!"
  4. I have the Balenciaga rouge twiggy, and I just throw it on with my outfits, which are jeans with some neutral top. It just adds a lot of character and attitude. Love it!
  5. Does anyone have a red jewelry? If so, what do you wear with it? Colors, outfits? I've been thinking about buying a red lewelry but I'm afraid I won't use it enough to justify the price. Suggestions please?:unsure:
  6. I don't have a red bag - the bags I have don't get enough use as it is - but I do like cranberry for a bag, if I found the right one, I would go for it.
  7. Thats really nice! What is that?
  8. I think that is the LV Epi Segur or something like that. I saw a smaller version of it a couple weeks ago.
  9. Gucci 2_edited-1 ebay.jpg

    Gucci 6_edited-1 ebay.jpg

    I am debating myself about whether to keep this bag. I like the red color but I am wondering if it is not reall "in" or to old for me (I'm 26).
  10. You know red bags are in this season. I read it in Elle I think. They add punch to the neutral colors that are in this year. Red is also hot in the fall. Marc Jacobs had red accents and red bags.