Your thoughts on Red bags.........

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  1. I love red bags too!! :love:

    Hey, I'm planning on getting the rouge b-bag when it comes out too. You think having two red colors (bordeaux and rouge) is an overkill? I want to either get the rouge in first or box.
  2. I'd love to have this...


    Or this...

  3. I agree with the earlier that red is kinda a neutral. I love red purses even though I don't hardly wear any red clothing! Of course bright pink for summer and a wine for winter would also be wonderful!
  4. No interior pockets on the noe. Nothing but bag!
  5. uhm don't ming red bags, but i wouldn't use it much.
    i saw the red gerard darel, it is very pretty, but i'm sure that if i buy it i would carry it seldom.
  6. I just found out from one of the Mypoupette reps, Donna-Marie, that the older Noe bags do have interior pockets with zippers. Learn something new everyday!
  7. Wow, that is interesting. How much older, did she say?
  8. Not for me! I use both of them...the bordeaux looks great with browns/neutrals the rouge works great with black/neutrals... I am likely to have a third red in the next few months...:shame:
  9. Noe's manufactured in 1995 and above don't have pockets. Prior to that, they do have interior zipper pockets.
  10. I was itching for a red bag and I got this one on Friday. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It definitely is different!
  11. I love red. Though the type of red does determine with what to wear it. It's definitely a bold color, but I like it in clothing and in purses! This bag is quite cute. Who makes it?

  12. I love red bags. I would not mind if all my bags where in red...

    This one is my favorit
    Tod´s Carey Sacca Grand Tote bag

  13. Yup, another red bag lover here. I wear my red bags with just about every color.
  14. This is Isabella Fiore Snake Charmer Penelope. It's heavy with stuff inside![​IMG]
  15. As you can see by my avatar...yes I love red bags. :amuse: I prefer a deeper shade of red to a bright red.
    I wear my B-bag with everything...including my orange rain coat. :Push: