Your thoughts on Red bags.........

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  1. You girls have me obsessing for a rouge twiggy now lol! Way to go, where am I gonna find that?
    CHeers, Carolyn
  2. I'd love a red bag. But there are so many different shades -- it would have to be the 'right' one!
  3. i used to think red was one of those colors that would be impossible to pull off at any time other than christmas. but i've since realized that the right shade of red -- a rich, deep, winey shade rather than a bright, "look at me" one -- could actually be used like a "neutral". the important thing, as one friend tells me, is that a bag "have music to carry you through the day" :biggrin:
  4. yeah, there are so MANY shades....however, regarding the right one- I have found more than one that i like! I agree that Jess. S red silverado shade is a that orange red shade-like a rust color

  5. That red Epi color is beautiful. Eventually I'm going to get a red Epi bucket.
  6. I LOVE red bags!
  7. I love red bags but I'm not brave enough to carry one myself! I don't know that red compliments my clothing either. The closest I get is pink, but red bags are gorgeous when done well!
  8. You can wear red w/ a lot of colors. Black, red, navy, khaki, white, chocolate. I wouldnt wear it w/green. But if you can rock a pink bag you can rock a red one.
  9. I love red. someone posted a red kate spade awhile back that I'm seriously thinking about buying. I've been buying so many black and cream clothes that I think I can wear it with most of my current wardrobe.
  10. Balenciaga is coming out with rouge later this Winter 06 if you want to wait on it.
  11. I'm delighted to hear so many of you own red bags and better yet that you feel they can be worn with so many colors.
    My hubby ordered me the Marc Jacobs large multi-pocket handbag in Ferrari Red from eLUXURY,it's my Valentines day gift.This will be my first experience with a red bag so I hope I like the color when it arrives.
  12. My red Chanel and Gucci bags. Albeit, I have rarely carried the Gucci and have been considering selling it.

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  13. Don't like anything red on me but love red on other people especially in the summer, it goes with everything. I bought a red bag in Italy and a red belt to go with it under the persuasion of my aunt plus I was buying for the sake of buying at that time. Only used the bag a couple of times and never use the belt, talking about buyer's remorse. The bag was on the market place but no one is interested (I guess it's because it's not a luxurious brand), so I might consider taking it to Vegas with me next weekend...if I am brave enough to wear it...LOL.

    Vote for the red petit noe, especially the old red! Such a cute bag. I have it in the old blue, just love it.
  14. i loove red bag, i wear it with black, white, neutral colored tops n jeans..+red shoes/sandals..
    imo red bag spices up a rather 'boring' outfit!
  15. I love red bags. For the longest time, I only had black bags and red bags. Only exploring other colours now but I still love black and red and am now waiting for a package with one red and one black (oh and a pink too!)