Your thoughts on Red bags.........

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  1. Does anyone have a red bag? If so, what do you wear with it? Colors, outfits? I've been thinking about buying a red bag but I'm afraid I won't use it enough to justify the price. Suggestions please?
  2. I usually wear my red bags with black or a partially red outfit. I also feel comfortable wearing it with brown or other earth tones.

    I think red bags are great! They won't go with everything but when they do it adds a lot of character to an outfit :love:
  3. I have two red bags (balenciaga day bag and mulberry roxy) and love them. I wear them with black, brown, cream, grey, and they look fantastic with jeans (especially the darker ones). I think that since red is such a bold color, it basically will stand out with any neutral wardrobe. Good luck with your bag search.
  4. I have a bright red "Emily" bag that my mom bought for me, simply because it had the same name as me... haha but I love it. It looks great with denim, but I wear it a lot in wintertime too to brighten up my outfit. I have a black and white herringbone peacoat that it looks fab with, but in general, it is tricky to match. Since it's really bold, I wear it with really casual and low-key stuff, like grey sweats with a white tee and a denim jacket. Instead of wearing it to match, I wear it to brighten up dull stuff.
  5. This is the one I'm thinking of buying. Not this "exact" one (this pic is from Ebay), but the bag I'm thinking about is the red LV Epi Noe.

  6. I have a Red Gucci purse that I love! I wear a lot of black and it really brightens my world. It's also nice with navy blue, jeans, charcoal grey and even with the right sorta tan... I think EVERY woman should own a red purse...
  7. 0o0o, i'd love a red bag! :love:
  8. i love the color red. i carried my red dior bag for months on end. then i bought the grenat chloe paddington, wore it for a month straight. now i'm wanting a novak in red too. so yes red can work! love red bags.
  9. I don't own any red bags, but I think when worn with the right outfit, they are classic beauties!
  10. I think everyone needs a red bag.
  11. I love red. I don't own a red bag, but I'd love to have a red/rouge Balenciaga, like the one Christina Aguilera has. Gorgeous!

    edsbgrl, that's a cute LV! I love the Epi line in red and mandarin.
  12. Does anyone know if the Epi Noe has an interior zipper pocket? I don't think the monogram does but I'm not sure about the Epi.
  13. I am the minority here. I just don't care for the color red at all, in clothing, or purses.
  14. Just don't wear it with green. :unsure:
  15. I have the rouge Balenciaga it! Can be worn with most neutral colors, but carry it the most with black.