Your thoughts on Red bags.........


Dec 14, 2005
Does anyone have a red bag? If so, what do you wear with it? Colors, outfits? I've been thinking about buying a red bag but I'm afraid I won't use it enough to justify the price. Suggestions please?
I usually wear my red bags with black or a partially red outfit. I also feel comfortable wearing it with brown or other earth tones.

I think red bags are great! They won't go with everything but when they do it adds a lot of character to an outfit :love:
I have two red bags (balenciaga day bag and mulberry roxy) and love them. I wear them with black, brown, cream, grey, and they look fantastic with jeans (especially the darker ones). I think that since red is such a bold color, it basically will stand out with any neutral wardrobe. Good luck with your bag search.
I have a bright red "Emily" bag that my mom bought for me, simply because it had the same name as me... haha but I love it. It looks great with denim, but I wear it a lot in wintertime too to brighten up my outfit. I have a black and white herringbone peacoat that it looks fab with, but in general, it is tricky to match. Since it's really bold, I wear it with really casual and low-key stuff, like grey sweats with a white tee and a denim jacket. Instead of wearing it to match, I wear it to brighten up dull stuff.
I have a Red Gucci purse that I love! I wear a lot of black and it really brightens my world. It's also nice with navy blue, jeans, charcoal grey and even with the right sorta tan... I think EVERY woman should own a red purse...
i love the color red. i carried my red dior bag for months on end. then i bought the grenat chloe paddington, wore it for a month straight. now i'm wanting a novak in red too. so yes red can work! love red bags.
I love red. I don't own a red bag, but I'd love to have a red/rouge Balenciaga, like the one Christina Aguilera has. Gorgeous!

edsbgrl, that's a cute LV! I love the Epi line in red and mandarin.