Your PS in action

  1. what colour is it? its GORGEOUS!

  2. Love the airy scarf with the suede bag! I really think I need a suede PS1. :p

    I hope we get more outfit inspiration pics on this thread.
  3. Thank you! PS suede is very durable, and it's not that much heavier than the luxe leather. Maybe a few ounces difference for a Medium.

    I saw a chocolate brown suede in person once... it was absolutely beautiful! (And fewer worries about denim transfer, stains, etc.)
  4. Lovely! Love your scarf!
  5. [​IMG]
    I packed for a two day trip in my large smoke :amazed:. Might have overdone it just a lil bit.

    also ignore my dumb face, I was concentrating on taking the photo with the phone upside down, haha.
  6. wow, that's amazing to fit 2-day trip into a large... i wouldn't be able to do that.
  7. Wore my Large Smoke PS1 (S/S '10) for a long day of shopping... love that it fits all my essentials plus iPad and practically looks empty!

    This was my first Proenza bag and is probably my favorite, even though I only get a chance to wear it every few weeks or so.

  8. It has more capacity than it looks!!
  9. Hi boarbb, love how you carry the SKA. I'm so keen to get one in smoky color.
  10. image-3225971763.jpg
  11. My outfit with my hot pink ps1... Lighting is bad but the bright colors really popped with outfit!!
  12. PS11 Tote in Saddle


  13. Love the hot pink! Looks awesome with that outfit.

    So pretty! I think Saddle is PS's best color and it looks so great on that shape.
  14. Thank you so much!! :smile: