Your PS in action

  1. I thought we had a thread like this, it may have been lost with the recent database issue. Please post pics of your PS in action.

    It finally has the slouch I've been wanting!!!:biggrin:
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  2. ^Great thread and pic! You really got the slouch on your PS1 now :smile:
  3. This is such an AWESOME color! Looks great on you!
  4. Hi,

    I'm new to PS.. Is this the medium bag? The color is gorgeous BTW!
  5. Pixiejenna gets her slouch on!! Love it! It looks so good with jeans and the grey you're wearing. Yay!
  6. Thanks Ellie I'm surprised it took so long to get the slouch I've been wanting. I've used every day since I got it (ok minus two days both were days I needed a crossbody bag I promptly went back to my PS the next day :p )

    Thanks CalitoNY!

    Alice yes it is the medium size PS1 :smile:

    Micole LOL I'm a total jeans and tshirt girl every day is casual day for me lol.
  7. ^
    I'm such a jeans and tshirt girl too! Or LBDs.. So fabulous bags like these are perfection. Suddenly a casual day is a fashion statement with the right bag right?
  8. Dark Red... with slouch??? :faint:

    I'm on a short vacation, but when I get back home I'll post an action pic of my Maize medium. It has a pretty nice slouch now, I think.
  9. Can't wait to see your maize riry!
  10. You look great with your red PS1 pixiejenna!

    Can't wait to see more action shots from others!
  11. I so love that color! I saw it IRL and could not get over its beauty.
  12. Thanks Disco! I hope more people post their "action" shots.
  13. awww... I missed out on the greatest action shot today. I've joked before about wanting to take a pic of my maize in a field of corn. Well, today on my drive home from my trip to Sequoia Nat'l Park I saw... a field of corn!!

    Of course, I only had my Lesportsac Madison with me. Aargh!!

    How great would that pic have been? Me jumping up and down in a field of corn with Miss Maize!! :lol:
  14. I tried something new; I almost never wear cross-body bags but because I had a lot of shopping to do this morning, and it was so desperately hot, I wanted to have my hands free and off my bag today.

    I struggle with wearing anything cross-body because I can't get past the way the strap tends to bisect my bustline. It always seems to look weird on me. But today I just didn't care.

    It actually turned out to be an okay option; I might do this from time to time in the summer. Even spending most of the day in air conditioning, my entire body feels sticky. I think that kind of moisture is worse for the leather than being exposed to raindrops or snow.

    Large Moss PS1

  15. Love your Moss ehemlay! I hate it when cross body bags give you wonk boob you just have to find the right bag and it won't do it. I think a part of it depends on where the bag sits on you plus the lenght & width of the strap all play a roll. I've been lucky in the past two years in finding crossbody bags that don't give me wonk boob.