Your PS in action

  1. Off to New York over night. First outing of my new black LKA. I LOVE IT! Perfect size for a change of clothes, sleepwear and my makeup bag.

  2. Thanks ladies! I just love my LKA.

    AuntieMame, let us know how the LKA worked out for your trip to NYC!! It looks great on you.
  3. Here's my PS11 tote in action, on my way to the office on a sunny day!

  4. I love it! And your outfit is great!
    I really have to complement you, it's not at all normal in The Netherlands to make something of your work attire. :woohoo:
  5. Wow! What a stunner of a bag. So sleek and chic. I love it because it's different, yet timeless. Love the shoes too lady! Enjoy the day.. It will be hard not to!
  6. thank you :biggrin: you're right, I think some people think I'm a show off for dressing like this for the office... but I don't care too much, I dress me for me :smile:

    Thanks :smile: I try to buy bags that are timeless, it makes it easier to justify the spending haha! :graucho:
  7. I know what you mean! At first my colleagues would ask me if I was dressed for a party. Really??!
    Now there are many more women that started to dress up as well. Yay!
  8. love all the inspiration and I can finally post my look with my very first PS1:
  9. WOW!!! Stunning bag, and I love your entire ensemble! The jacket and bag look like they were made for each other! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. :smile:

  10. Stunning lady! Just stunning.
  11. Stunning! Love the color!
  12. Gaah! I love it!
  13. thanks everybody for all the sweet comments, I really appreciate it.
    Today all the attention went to the bag and kept everything else simple, I would love to see more outfits with PS bags (I am considering a small bottle green PS 11)

  14. ^ Gorgeous! Is it a medium?
  15. Still love my Medium Tobacco suede PS1!!