Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. You are making me lust after that vernis!
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  2. Starbucks cold brew latte with a huge straw :huh:
  3. I'm glad I could help!!!:biggrin::heart:
    Let me help a little more... I really love the pop of shine without being too in your face.:smile:
  4. Got a pair of scissors. :biggrin: How dare they give you the wrong size straw. Sometimes I just get the nitro? Lid. Don’t have to worry about straws.
    Btw love your bag :heart:
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  5. :biggrin:Thank you!
    We don’t have the nitro lids yet in my country. We also only have nitro in about 10 stores :shocked: so I think there will be a long wait for them to also arrive here.
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  6. early morning guava white tea lemonade and a blueberry muffin :biggrin:

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  7. IMG_0341.jpg TGIF friends:smile: with Caramel Iced coffee
  8. I love SB blueberry muffins! soooooo good!
  9. I love your bag, especially the way you style it!
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    Love it!


    Love it


    Perfect match!
  11. If it adds to your daily recommended servings, then it's all good!:smile:
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  12. Thank you so much!!:smile:
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  13. Thank you both :smile:. Usually my coffee and fraps match my D Ebene stuff, lol.

  14. Not *at* Starbucks, but drinking Starbucks. And let’s be real, Speedy B looks good no matter where you are. ;) 4F8904CF-7F5D-4EA5-B4FE-69FB25938452.jpeg
  15. Marching, as always :giggle::coolio:

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