Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. This has been my go to drink for the last couple years. I was curious about the juniper drink too, but I’m not brave enough. Lol.
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  2. I don't have a photo to add right now, but I wanted to say that I've had the juniper latte a couple of does have an evergreen taste to it, kind of herbal, but not unpleasant. A friend of a friend manages a Starbucks and she said to customize by asking them to add a pump or two of the white chocolate mocha sauce. It definitely was yummy!
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  3. A Starbucks holiday favorite of mine, peppermint mocha with my holiday bag, Alma GM Pomme D'Amour :heart:. Sis had her usual white peach tea, peeking out to the left.

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :heart:
  5. Thank you!:smile:
  6. Beautiful Alma. To me, Pomme is probably the prettiest LV red ever (along with Carmine).
  7. Thanks for this tip — hope to try it.
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  8. Thank you! I agree. The color is a true red, even more beautiful IRL.:heart:
  9. Aww that sucks! It's the perfect drink for someone with a sweet tooth. Wish I could mail you some hehe
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  10. Hmmm... with the white chocolate mocha sauce, does it taste like a York peppermint patty? Or like a junior mint? I might have to try it out now.
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  11. The charm looks so good with your alma!

    Is your iPad the new pro? I got one for Christmas and I’ve been trying to find a good cover for it. I wish they had a case just for the back and not that folio type.
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  12. It's not minty or spearminty, so I would say it tastes more like a slightly chocolately sprig of a christmas tree?? Hahahaha, that doesn't sound good, but it's actually mild on the juniper :biggrin:
  13. I've actually never tasted a Christmas tree!:biggrin:
  14. Loving that red on these forums... so festive! And love the New Wave charm!

    They had small samples on display at my store recently.. it wasn't as bad as I thought. It's pretty sweet. I don't want to say herbally or pine-y, but it is somewhere along those lines! Hard to describe for me. I wouldn't get it again as I am more of a sugary sweet/nutty/chocolate-y girl, but it was nice that they had samples out (probably bc of the backlash - to get ppl to try it lol)
  15. Now I want to dip a branch of Christmas tree in chocolate lol