Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. Are they still selling those red cups...I still didn't get one...and still want one LOL
  2. No, I asked when I went to Starbucks a few days ago and the cashier said they have been sold out for awhile with no plans for restock :sad:
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  3. Ah bah humbug! :frown:
  4. Thank you! I'm finding that charm really goes with all my bags. :heart: Yes it is, it's the 12.9. I bought the Apple smart folio as well as the keyboard folio. I also bought a clear back cover on amazon with a pencil slot so I'll see how that one works out.
  5. How are you liking the folios from apple? I wish they had more side protection...
  6. At SB by the fire! This seat is so hard to get, but I was able to snatch it this morning! And I'm using my go to bag for Sunday morning SB visits... the vernis amarante PA.

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  7. Love it and that luggage tag charm is to die for!:hbeat:
  8. How lucky you got the seat next to the fireplace!!! And that jacket charm is adorable!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    The reason we stopped in was for my 4yr old getting the Target dog cake pop. Soo cute!
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  10. Chestnut praline latte with latest treat to myself 2018-12-23 20.11.38.jpg
    3 down...5 more to go...
  11. That dog cake pop is too cute! Love you bag and wallet combo
  12. Thank you! Merry Christmas
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  13. My Xmas eve treat! DSC_1647.JPG
  14. Thank you Starbux!:smile::heart:

    Thank you IM!:heart::smile:
  15. Is that a Jeanne? We're wallet twins! Merry Christmas!
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